The holidays can be a magical time and, for many businesses, a time of great profit as well. Anymore, a lot of this business comes from online traffic on a website instead of in a brick-and-mortar store. Should your business use the holidays to boost their online traffic?

Does the Business Have a Holiday Appeal? 

The first way that many businesses draw customers in during the holidays as by offering a holiday commodity. Take an online academic resource as an example. Near the holidays, students are trying to finish off final exams and papers. As such, a service that offers help with an APA research paper outline would have something that a student needs during the holiday season.

It’s also important that businesses put forth their best quality work while they are trying to gain new traffic. To harken back to the example of a writing service, the company would need to make sure they have proficient writers to produce the best content for their customers. While quality is always key, new customers need to be impressed enough to stay

The good news is that nearly every business can claim some sort of holiday appeal.

For instance, any store can claim a holiday appeal as they are selling what could be a gift to someone else. Many businesses that offer services can also draw people in with gift cards or holiday discounts.

In other words, almost any business can draw in the holiday crowds. It is up to the business to find their appeal and use it during this time of the year.

Start Ahead of Time

Before getting into the specifics, it is first important to note that these techniques should be implemented early in the season. This gives customers time to react to the marketing techniques being used. If you wait until a holiday itself – Christmas day, for example – the response will be much smaller.

Update Your Website

It is important to update the company’s website before the expected traffic increase. To retain more of this traffic, it is important that a website is easy to use in both mobile and desktop form. If a website is difficult to use, it will frustrate rather than retain users and its ranking will likely suffer.

How Does a Business Increase Traffic During the Holidays?

There are a variety of ways that businesses can increase traffic during the holidays. Here, we will take a look at some of the best techniques that businesses can use during the holidays.

Search Engine Optimization

It is important that whatever you do online, you remember to use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your content is easy to find. You can read more about the basics of SEO techniques here.

During the holidays, it is important to make a point to include holiday-related keywords to content. This way, it is not only found by the individuals who normally search for the business’ content but by new demographics brought in by the holidays as well.

Use Social Media

One of the best ways to reach potential customers now is through social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a few of the most well-known and commonly used platforms.

There are a few different ways that social media can be used to reach customers during the holidays. At its most simplistic, it can be used to announce sales or new products and services.

There are also a few unique ways that you can garner attention on social media. One choice is to do contests such as photo contests with the business’ products. Contests such as this draw attention to the business while utilizing the personalization that people have come to expect from social media.

An option that many companies use when they have it in their marketing budget is to contact an influencer to promote their business or product. This is when an internet personality is used to spread awareness of a company to their audience. The more influential a person is, the higher their rate is likely to be but it will also yield a higher amount of traffic.

Offer Special Promotions and Coupons

This is something that is often used in traditional marketing. For years, consumers have been able to turn on their TVs, open their mailboxes, or walk through their local shopping centers and see a number of sales and deals that the holidays bring.

It only makes sense that these effective techniques can be brought into the modern era by offering those same promotions and coupons online. Once again, optimizing these promotions and coupons so that they can be easily found by consumers is key.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to take new customers exactly where they need to go. These are a good idea during the holidays because customers will not have to do as much searching on their own to find what you want them to.

It is important to remember that the less work someone has to do to find a business and their products, the more traffic that business will get.

Hire Writers Online

Writing landing pages and blogs during the holiday season can slow you down. You want to focus on boosting traffic rather than doing a copywriter’s job.

We recommend using an reliable paper writing service like EssayPro to get the job done. Although they focus primarily on writing essays, you may ask the writers to write or edit your blog or landing page. This is a quick and reliable way to get quality writing without having to do it yourself.

At $12 per page, you get full control over the writing. You may send the writer sources or texts for reference so that they can copy a specific writing style and give your business a unique voice.

Connect to them via online chat to see if they can handle your job. Use a reliable paper writing service like EssayPro to avoid scams.

Use Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are something most companies use throughout the year to keep regular customers updated and send out reasons for old customers to come back. Even new customers might sign up for an email newsletter before making a purchase.

Take time during the holidays to send out specialized newsletters and email campaigns that will bring customers back to your website.


The holidays can be stressful for businesses but they can also be rather lucrative. One of the best ways to make the most of the holidays as the business is to draw in the wider audience available online. With the tips suggested here, businesses can gain traffic to their website with ease.

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