Studies show that the number of mobile device users worldwide is likely to hit 3.5 million this year. This is about a 9.3 percent increase from data recorded in 2019. 96 percent of Americans are now using cellphones, with 81 percent of those devices being smartphones. These numbers are expected to increase as more user-friendly hand-held devices emerge, and search engines like Google continue to evolve.

To ensure your site is up to the high standards set by search engines, here are the best responsive website design practices you should know.


These are variables that let users interact with a web page without reloading it. Facebook’s ‘reactions’ added to posts like ‘likes’ are a perfect example of micro-interactions. Facebook users can now react to various posts with smiley faces, sad faces, hearts, and angry faces to reveal their emotions towards a particular piece of content. Remember, they don’t have to reload the page to access these features.

According to expert marketers, micro-interactions save the website visitors time and offer a better user experience. These are somehow technical aspects of web creation, and it’s best to hire web design services to be sure that your business website is perfectly set up.

Get To Know Mobile Devices Better

Much of web traffic is linked to mobile devices. With this in mind, you should ensure your website and apps design match the expected user experience. Having a responsive website is different from creating a responsive site, and depending on what you are working, you must ensure that the platform you’re creating works perfectly with mobile devices and desktops.

Minimize And Prioritize

Most mobile devices have a smaller screen compared to desktops and laptops. They don’t offer enough space to work with, particularly when it comes to imagery and content. When handling a desktop web page, there’s a natural desire to display the content in different sections. It is recommended to think of these sections as paragraphs in a post. This will make it easier for you to break down the web page into sections without confusion.

Ensure Your CTA is Easy To Find

Every business website has a specific primary CTA that the designer intended the target users to find and complete. This could be scheduling a consultation, purchase something, or signup for something. To successfully drive the website users to complete this objective, it’s best to have your primary CTA featured throughout the website and navigation.

Opt for scalable vector graphics

If your website uses icons or illustrations, scalable vector graphics are a must-have. These graphics or icons remain ultra-sharp across different screen sizes. You don’t have to worry about pixilation or image resolution. This ensures a consistent, polished website look regardless of the devices your target audience is using.

Wrap up

Having a perfectly optimized website for different screen sizes is essential. The chances are that more than half of your website users are using mobile devices, and you don’t want to lose them.

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