RedBull TV is a streaming platform owned by the energy drink company. It broadcasts over 50 channels dedicated to extreme sports, music concerts, motorsports events, gaming tournaments, and more.

RedBull TV also has an on-demand library of movies and shows you can watch anytime from their website or corresponding app.

Red Bull TV

If you’re looking for more options than RedBull TV can offer regarding streaming content, look no further! We’ve compiled 17 fantastic alternatives that are worth checking out.

All the services mentioned here require you to create an account and pay a subscription fee, but plenty of free or trial periods are available, too, so don’t miss out on those opportunities when choosing what best meets your needs.

Best Alternatives for RedBull TV in 2024

1. Pluto TV


Destination URL:

Pluto is a streaming service with over 200 live channels and thousands of movies, shows, sports highlights, and more.

It features international content from Europe, Asia, and Latin America, which will give you access to some exciting entertainment options worldwide. Additional benefits include an on-demand library full of popular titles in HD quality and Roku and Chromecast compatibility to watch all your favorite shows on any device.

2. Twitch


Destination URL:

Twitch is the go-to destination for anyone who is into gaming and eSports competitions worldwide.

It broadcasts events in real-time with live commentary from players and broadcasters, meaning that you get an inside look at what’s happening behind the screens and more traditional coverage of all sorts of sports events – from football to motorsports and everything in between.

3. Crunchyroll


Destination URL:

Fans of Japanese anime will be happy with Crunchyroll – a streaming service that offers more than 25,000 episodes of classic and more recent series for free.

It has dubbed versions and subtitles so you can find your favorite shows whenever you want to watch them. Paid premium memberships unlock additional content, including exclusive simulcasts and ad-free streaming.

4. Open Streaming Platform

Open Streaming Platform

Destination URL:

Open Streaming Platform is your go-to source of on-demand content from independent distributors, filmmakers, and even significant studios like Sony Pictures or Focus Features.

It’s free, supports multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Apple TV, etc.), and offers HD quality in all its downloads and an extensive library of multilingual titles.



Destination URL:

USTVGO is an excellent tool for those who want to watch their favorite shows, movies, and sports without spending money.

The website streams content from various sources over the net, but all links are checked manually before being uploaded so you can be sure that none contain malicious viruses or malicious code. Plus, it’s completely free – no registration is required.

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6. Plex


Destination URL:

Plex is a media streaming solution with everything you need to organize and access your movie, TV show and music library over the internet.

It allows users to watch on any device with no buffering or lag, as well as adding parental control features like age ratings for each program. For those who want more than just streaming content, Plex also offers cloud storage options to keep your favorite files in one place – perfect if you have an extensive library!

7. Sling TV

Sling TV

Destination URL:

Sling TV is an over-the-top streaming service that offers more than 100+ channels and 20,000 on-demand movie shows – all in HD quality.

With plans starting as low as $25/month without a contract required, it’s one of the most affordable ways to watch live sports, news and entertainment while still getting access to exclusive content like HBO and Cinemax.

8. Stirr


Destination URL:

Stirr is a streaming service with plenty of original content and popular shows, movies and live programming packed into an easy-to-navigate interface for almost any device! Its features include ad-free viewing, parental control options, and more than 60 channels ready to watch whenever you want them – from news networks like CNN or CNBC to entertainment specials like showtime originals.

9. Vudu


Destination URL:

Vudu is an on-demand streaming service that lets you rent or buy movies, TV shows, and music videos from the biggest Hollywood studios in a few simple clicks. Its library includes old classics and blockbusters from this year.

It supports ultra HD quality with Dolby Atmos sound for those who want to experience the highest audio-visual quality.

10. LiveTV

Destination URL:

LiveTV is a streaming platform that offers more than 300 channels from around the world in multiple languages.

It’s free and easy to use, making it perfect for watching international news or sports events from anywhere in the world without paying extra money for each channel you want to watch – all of them are already included here.

11. WatchESPN


Destination URL:

WatchESPN is the go-to destination for anyone who loves sports! With exclusive live coverage of some of the most significant sporting events, including NBA, NFL, and MLB games, plus more – all in HD quality – it’s no surprise why this streaming service has become one of the most sought-after platforms out there. Some content can also be accessed on-demand so you don’t miss any moment of your favorite team’s game.

12. Bounce TV

Bounce TV

Destination URL:

Bounce TV is a streaming service with over 30 channels tailored to black audiences! It’s available over the air, online, and through various mobile apps to stay connected with your favorite shows and news programs no matter what device or platform you’re using – including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and more! Plus, there are many family-friendly titles and on-demand movies and shows.

13. Yidio


Destination URL:

Yidio is a search engine for streaming content that helps you find the best deal across multiple platforms simply by typing in one title or producer.

It also has an algorithm that shows you similar titles based on your recent watch history, something that’s great for discovering new TV series or movies to explore – perfect if you’re ever feeling stuck for something good to watch.

14. Popcornflix


Destination URL:

Popcornflix is an on-demand streaming service that offers an extensive library of movies and TV shows, both free and paid.

Its one perk would be its selection of some cult classic titles like Reservoir Dogs or Fight Club that you can’t find anywhere else, perfect for reliving the nostalgia when nothing new truly stands out with other platforms.

15. VexMovies


Destination URL:

Vex Movies is another excellent alternative to RedBull TV and features over 500,000 movies, shows, and documentaries available in HD quality – free.

It doesn’t require registration or subscription fees but offers plenty of content for anyone looking for Sci-Fi horror flicks or family drama series to watch on the weekend.

16. TinyZone


Destination URL:

TinyZone is an online streaming platform with an incredible content selection! It’s easy to use and supports Chromecast, Roku, or cable TV so that you can access the majority of its library anywhere – both free or paid titles are available too, which means that no matter what kind of budget or schedule you’re on, there’ll be something enjoyable for you here.

17. Tubi


Destination URL:

Tubi is a streaming service with something for everyone! Its library includes current and classic TV shows, documentaries, comedies and more – all in HD quality.

It’s free to use, but they also offer premium content if you want access to big-budget titles. The company has recently launched a new feature allowing users to download movies or shows offline, so never miss out on your favorite entertainment again.

What is RedBull TV?

RedBull TV is a streaming service owned by a famous energy drink company. It contains live and on-demand content from over 50 channels, including sports highlights and events, music concerts and more.

The platform also has a library of movies and shows that can be watched anytime through its website or through free apps available for Apple TV, Android devices and tablets.

Is RedBull TV Not Working? Explained

If you’re having issues with the RedBull TV service, you should check for system requirements like app updates or server outages. There’s also a possibility that your internet connection is too weak to provide stream stability – so if that’s the case, it might be worth updating your plan provider.

RedBull TV offers a fantastic way to stream content filled with adrenaline and excitement worldwide.

However, if you’re looking for more options than RedBull TV can offer, check out these 17 alternatives we’ve compiled for 2024! From Plex and USTVGO to WatchESPN, TinyZone and more, something here will keep you entertained with no shortage of fantastic content to explore today!

RedBull TV FAQs

What content can I access on RedBull TV?

RedBull TV offers a broad range of content, including international sports events like MotoGP or esports tournaments, live music concerts and their library of movies and shows.

Which platforms are supported by RedBull TV?

The platform is available through its website and free apps for Android devices, Apple TVs, and tablets. It also supports Chromecast compatibility to give you the best viewing experience possible.

Is RedBull TV subscription-free?

Yes! Although some content might require a paid plan for access, most of the movies and shows available in the RedBull library can be watched without creating an account or paying any extra fees.

Does RedBull TV have parental control features?

Yes. The platform contains age ratings so users know what type of material they’re streaming before they watch it – this is especially helpful for families and parents so that they know what their kids are watching!

Is RedBull TV available outside of the US?

However, access might be limited depending on your country’s internet laws. The platform can be accessed worldwide using a VPN or proxy server, but please remember that it’s illegal to do so without permission from your local authorities.

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