COVID-19 has given more leeway to cyber threat actors as the worldwide population increasingly connects to the internet. Now, your data is more at risk of getting hacked, abused, and exploited at the hands of cybercriminals roaming free.

To fight off the threats caused by cybercriminals’ malicious activities, experts suggest multiple cybersecurity precautions, amongst which encryption tops the list.

When it comes to encryption, the first thing that comes to mind is a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Are you also looking for a VPN on this Black Friday to hide your browsing activities, secure your data, or unblock content that is not available in your region? In that case, we have an excellent recommendation for you: PureVPN.

 PureVPN’s 5-Year Plan Goes 88% Off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

PureVPN delivers a premium VPN experience in the entire industry, which is backed by its crazy offerings, feature-rich applications, and verified reliable services.

On this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you are in luck because PureVPN is offering its most popular 5-year plan at a fraction of the cost. By subscribing to the plan on 88% off, you get to pay only $1.32 per month or a total of $79 one-time cost.

Just to remind you, this Black Friday VPN and Cyber Monday deal brings you a massive $578 of savings.

If an extended plan doesn’t satisfy you, try out the 1-year plan that comes with a flat 62% off, working out at $4.16 per month.

No matter what subscription you opt for, your money stays safe with PureVPN’s no-questions-asked 31-day money-back guarantee.

Here’s What Is So Amazing about PureVPN Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal

For starters, PureVPN’s 5-year plan is a super-extended subscription that you would rarely find anywhere on the internet. The maximum subscription you may get would be three years.

With a solid 5-year subscription, you never have to worry about your subscription running out in the middle of your binge-watching session on Netflix or Disney+. Similarly, you are free from the hassle of re-subscribing every half a year or so.

All in all, PureVPN’s 5-year plan is the best bang for your buck if you fancy uninterrupted internet security, data privacy, and online freedom for years.

Apart from instant $578 of savings and the convenience of a prolonged VPN experience, PureVPN’s 5-year plan packs a boatload of features that you will definitely be interested in.

Zero-Log Assurance

PureVPN is a certified zero-log VPN provider, which means it never monitors or stores your browsing history, connection timestamp, original IP address, VPN IP address, DNS queries, or everything in between. All these claims are endorsed by the industry’s leading auditing firms: Altius IT and KPMG.

Always-on Audit

For pro VPN users, who feel skeptical about the reliability of a “point-in-time” audit, PureVPN assures you a logless VPN experience with its “audit-anytime” policy, where the auditor will be running yearly non-scheduled audits, monitoring PureVPN’s No-Log claims.

Reliable Service

PureVPN’s reliability and top-notch performance are also backed by one of the top review platforms in the world: Trustpilot. The platform has given PureVPN a stellar 4.8/5 ratings, recommended by 11,000+ users.

Biggest VPN Network

PureVPN ranks amongst the very few VPN services to have a monolith VPN network. Currently, the VPN service owns over 6,500 servers that are located across 140+ countries and 180+ locations. The network also collectively owns 300,000+ IP addresses.

Privacy-Centric Service

PureVPN’s assurance of privacy-centricity is unparalleled in the entire industry. With features like IPv6 leak protection, DNS leak protection, WebRTC leak protection, Internet Kill Switch, and Secure Wi-Fi, you can freely roam around the internet with peace of mind.

Unblock Multiple Netflix Regions

If you are a fan of the American version of Netflix, you will be glad to hear that you can unblock and stream US Netflix in your country. Plus, you can also access Netflix UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, and France for an added flavor of entertainment.

Access 100+ Streaming Services

PureVPN is a king when it comes to unblocking content on the internet. You can watch sports, TV shows, and movies on Disney+, Hulu US, Sky Go, SonyLIV, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, and more with just a click.

It’s a Limited-Time Offer, So Act Fast

There’s a whole lot more where that came from. To experience that all, you should grab PureVPN’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal, and enjoy unlimited internet freedom, and security.

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