In the world of handheld gaming consoles, one name that is becoming increasingly popular is PowKiddy. This Chinese brand is known for its innovative devices that provide an immersive gaming experience. But what is a PowKiddy? And how do you use one?

In this comprehensive guide, we take you through everything you need to know about PowKiddy, also affectionately known as “Pow Kitty”.

What is Pow Kitty?

Pow Kitty is a colloquial term used by gamers to refer to PowKiddy, a brand renowned for producing handheld gaming devices. Known for their versatility, these devices can run games from various platforms, including DOS, GBA, PS1, and many more.

Pros and Cons of PowKiddy Devices

Before diving into the world of PowKiddy, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons associated with these devices.


  • Versatility: PowKiddy devices can emulate various gaming platforms, making them a one-stop solution for retro gaming enthusiasts.
  • Portability: Their compact size makes them an excellent choice for gaming on the go.
  • Affordability: Compared to other handheld gaming devices, PowKiddy offers a more affordable alternative without compromising on the gaming experience.


  • Limited Processing Power: While PowKiddy devices are capable of running a wide range of games, they may struggle with more resource-intensive titles.
  • Learning Curve: Customizing and optimizing PowKiddy devices may require some technical knowledge, which might be challenging for novices.

Understanding PowKiddy’s Features and Specifications

PowKiddy devices come in various models, each with unique features and specifications. One popular model is the PowKiddy RGB20s.

This compact device is known for its impressive design and excellent performance. It boasts an RK3326 quad-core processor and a 3.5-inch IPS display, perfect for enjoying your favorite games in high quality.

Another standout model is the PowKiddy V90. This foldable device, pre-loaded with over 6000 games, is an excellent choice for both casual gamers and enthusiasts alike. The V90 is known for its nostalgic design, harking back to the classic Gameboy Advance SP.

How to Use PowKiddy Devices

Using a PowKiddy device is relatively straightforward, even for tech beginners. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

  • Charge Your Device: Before you start playing, make sure your PowKiddy device is fully charged. To do this, connect your device to a power source using the USB charging cable included in the box.
  • Turn On Your Device: Press and hold the power button until the screen lights up.
  • Select a Game: Navigate through the menu using the D-pad or joystick. Once you’ve found a game you’d like to play, press the ‘A’ button to select it.
  • Start Playing: After selecting a game, it should load automatically. Now you’re ready to start playing!

Customizing Your PowKiddy Experience

One of the exciting aspects of owning a PowKiddy device is the ability to customize your gaming experience. From changing the device’s firmware


In summary, the PowKiddy brand offers a broad range of gaming devices designed to cater to the diverse needs of gamers worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for a device to play retro games or the latest releases, PowKiddy has something for everyone. With a community of gamers and continuous product development, PowKiddy is definitely a brand to consider when looking for gaming solutions.

Remember to always respect intellectual property rights when downloading and playing games. Enjoy your PowKiddy gaming experience!

FAQs about PowKiddy

What is PowKiddy?

PowKiddy is a brand known for its range of gaming devices, like the RGB20s and V90, that can run games from various platforms including DOS and GBA.

How powerful are PowKiddy handheld consoles?

The power of PowKiddy handheld consoles varies across models. Most devices are designed to run games from multiple platforms, thus providing an impressive gaming experience. Specific details can be found in the product specifications for each model.

Are PowKiddy handheld consoles legal?

Yes, PowKiddy handheld consoles are legal. They provide a platform for users to play games. However, it’s important to note that downloading or distributing copyrighted games without permission is illegal.

How to subscribe to the PowKiddy YouTube channel?

To subscribe to the PowKiddy YouTube channel, go to YouTube and type ‘PowKiddy’ in the search bar. Once you’re on their channel, click the ‘Subscribe’ button.

What are the new products from PowKiddy in 2023?

PowKiddy continuously innovates and releases new products every year. For the latest product information, visit the PowKiddy official website or their social media pages.

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