Pacman ghosts are the main adversaries in the popular arcade game, Pacman. They relentlessly chase our yellow hero through the maze, and their different behaviors add to the complexity of the game. There are four main ghosts – Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, each with their unique personalities and tactics.

Meet the Ghost Gang

Let’s delve deeper into the individual characteristics of each ghost.


Blinky, the red ghost, is known as the leader of the ghost gang. He is the most aggressive and is always on the tail of Pacman. Blinky tends to follow a direct path towards Pacman, making him a relentless pursuer.


Pinky, the pink ghost, is quite cunning. Instead of chasing Pacman directly, Pinky tries to ambush Pacman by predicting where he will be. This ghost is a bit tricky as he doesn’t follow the same pattern as Blinky.


Inky, the cyan ghost, exhibits a bit of unpredictability. His movement is influenced by both Blinky’s position and Pacman’s direction. He can suddenly change direction, adding a surprise element to the game.


Clyde, the orange ghost, is the odd one out. He doesn’t chase Pacman aggressively. Instead, if he gets too close to Pacman, he tends to move away, bringing an element of randomness to the gameplay.

Ghosts’ In-game Behavior

The Pacman ghosts follow a set pattern of behavior during gameplay. They alternate between scatter mode and chase mode. In scatter mode, each ghost heads to a different corner of the maze. This offers the player a brief respite from the chase. After a few seconds, the ghosts switch to chase mode, where they pursue Pacman according to their unique behaviors.

The behavior of the ghosts also changes as the player progresses through the levels. They spend less time in scatter mode and more time chasing Pacman, making each level increasingly challenging.

How to Outsmart the Ghosts?

Understanding the behavior of the ghosts is key to outsmarting them. Here are some strategies:

  • Use the scatter mode to your advantage. This is the best time to clear out corners of the maze which are harder to reach during chase mode.
  • Understand the ghosts’ behaviors. Use Blinky’s predictability to your advantage, avoid Pinky’s ambush, keep an eye on Inky’s sudden changes, and don’t worry too much about Clyde.
  • Use the power pellets wisely. Eating a power pellet makes the ghosts vulnerable for a short period, allowing Pacman to eat them and earn extra points. Save these for when you’re cornered or want to clear a tricky part of the maze.

Ghosts in Popular Culture

The Pacman ghosts have transcended the game and found a place in popular culture. They have been featured in cartoons, merchandise, and even street art. Their distinct personalities and colorful appearances have made them iconic figures in the gaming world.


Who are the Pacman ghosts?

The Pacman ghosts are Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. They are the main adversaries in the Pacman game and each has its unique personality and behavior.

Do the Pacman ghosts behave differently?

Yes, each of the Pacman ghosts has a distinct behavior. Blinky directly chases Pacman, Pinky tries to ambush him, Inky is unpredictable and influenced by Blinky’s position, and Clyde is random and tends to shy away from Pacman.

How does Pacman fight back against the ghosts?

Pacman can eat a power pellet which makes the ghosts vulnerable for a short period. During this time, Pacman can eat the ghosts to earn extra points.

What happens to the ghosts when Pacman eats them?

When Pacman eats a vulnerable ghost, it turns into eyes and returns to the ghost house where it respawns in its normal, lethal form.

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