With all kinds of products your company can purchase to promote itself, why not take advantage of that to get some additional, low-cost advertising. You’ll spend the initial amount to purchase the product, but anyone who sees your customers or employees using that product will be exposed to your business information. That’s great news, because you can get a lot more for your advertising dollar when you offer products that are branded and include your logo and company name. Here’s what to think about.

Choose Items Your Customers Can Use

When you choose custom water bottles that provide your business information, you can offer your customers an option they’ll actually use and enjoy. Not only that, but it’s a large enough product that people will be able to see the name and logo on it, even from several feet away. That means everyone who comes into contact with an employee or customer who’s carrying custom water bottles from your company will be exposed to your advertising. Some of those people will check out what your company does.

You can’t expect to bring in extremely high numbers of customers with custom water bottles and advertising, but it’s certainly one of the ways you can focus on getting more people to recognize your company’s name and logo. Even a few additional customers can be worth the effort, and having a branded product gets people talking. It’s a good conversation starter. You can give them away to customers, or you can sell them as part of your merchandise. Either way, you’ll be getting more advertising with branded products.

Consider Your Employees When Purchasing

Keep in mind that custom water bottles don’t have to be just for customers. They can also be for employees who want to use them. If you give branded products to all of your employees, you can encourage them to use these products in their daily lives, especially in public. That way, they’re passively advertising for your company when they’re out for a jog, at their child’s soccer game, or in other locations where they’re carrying custom water bottles with the company’s name and logo on them. It’s more free advertising.

Giving Away Products for Free Adds Good Will

Customers, and often your employees, like getting things for free. The idea that they’ll be given custom water bottles from your company is something they can appreciate. It’s a useful gift for most people, and something that can be enjoyed for years. As long as the logo stays readable and secure, you may literally get years of advertising value out of something small that you give to customers and employees. People will remember that it was a gift, as well, and a lot of people really appreciate that.

Make Sure to Choose Quality Options

Be sure to select quality when you look for custom water bottles. You don’t want your company associated with cheap things that break easily, or that don’t hold up to normal wear. Even if your actual product offerings aren’t like that, or if you provide a great service, customers could end up associating your business name and logo with a low-quality item. That’s bad for business, and definitely won’t help you get value from the advertising on your custom water bottles. Choosing quality is worth the extra cost.

Be Mindful of Reordering Times

Even in the best of times, it’s difficult to get something right away. That’s especially true with large orders, and with anything that’s custom. Because of that, you want to be sure you place orders for your custom water bottles a little ahead of when you think you’ll really need to. That way, you’ll get them in time to keep supplying customers and employees with them, so your advertising campaign can continue. It never looks good for a company to run out of something they’re offering on a promotion, so it’s good to be sure that you’re focusing your efforts and taking good care of both your employees and your customers anytime you’re offering gifts.

Listen to Customer and Employee Feedback

Customers and employees can both be good sources of feedback on your custom water bottles and advertising campaigns. If you aren’t sure how well it’s going, or you’re not seeing the results you’d hoped for, talking to your employees can be a good starting point. But you’ll also want to solicit feedback from your customers, since they might have different opinions than employees would. Then you can use both groups to take a look at any concerns with your custom water bottles for advertising purposes.

The more you know about how to use your custom bottles to advertise, the more likely you’ll be to see a successful advertising campaign you can feel good about. There are a lot of ways to adjust a campaign, but you can’t make changes if you don’t have any feedback.

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