Casino bonuses have been the key tool for gambling operators to attract users to their sites. The bonus is simply an extra amount of money added to a player’s account so that they can use it to gamble. In the traditional casino world, its the equivalent of free chips.

As the online gambling scene continues to grow and, therefore, becomes more and more competitive, casino businesses come up with new ways of winning clients. A so-called no deposit bonus has proven to work surprisingly well and has recently been a hot topic among online gamblers. Why? As simple as it sounds – because it’s free. It doesn’t require a user to invest any money from the beginning, leaving them hopeful and surely enthusiastic. But no deposit bonuses have two sides, where one focuses on generating income for casino operators, rather than on boosting players’ accounts.

Little Risk

Designed to generously welcome new clients to an online casino, a no deposit bonus allows players to enjoy extra cash to play with at a chosen website. In other words, a casino hands in a new player the money to spend on their platform without any need to deposit money at first. It’s not rocket science but depending on the site, you might find quite different offers. This list of no deposit bonuses will help you sort it all out and understand the in’s and out’s of this phenomenon.

Some of the leading online casinos these days offer around £5-£10 no deposit bonuses. For those who are not keen on going “all in” and risking all their money, the offers are truly tempting. But just being eligible for a promo offer doesn’t make us any richer, does it? And this is exactly where the happy story ends and some less pleasant matters take the lead.

Rules Apply

No deposit bonuses are no different from any other offers online gambling venues promote. What a user sees at their first glimpse is a luring offer that’s assuringly hard to resist. What they don’t see is a long list of terms and conditions (T&C’s) that applies to this type of bonus.

Now, let’s reevaluate the question of “freeness” of the bonus. Is it completely free? Yes and no. A player does get funds added to their online casino account, and they can, indeed, use the money to play with and enjoy the gambling experience. But the operators also need to ensure that they make profit on the clients. Many casinos allow players to use free cash to play, yet you’re often forbidden to withdraw your winnings simply when it suits you. You need to meet requirements of the chosen casino to be eligible of cashing out your money and here you can definitely find some surprisingly hard to beat rules.

Wagering Requirements

As a player, you want to get the most lucrative offer. While this is a reasonable approach to take, this might not be the best idea. When looking for no deposit bonuses, it’s crucial to look beyond the amount of the bonus

The most critical factor that should influence one’s decision on choosing a bonus is the wagering requirement. Different casinos will discuss various wagering requirements and a thorough check through the terms and conditions of the chosen casino is essential. You might see operators require customers to wager the bonus 20x or 30x but many will ask for more.

What does it mean for a player? In other words, you will have to wager up to 20 or 30 times the assigned bonus money before you’re even allowed to withdraw your winnings. Provided the player fails to meet the wagering requirements, all winnings saved in the account might be forfeited. This rule definitely gives casinos advantage over players and significantly minimises their chance to own the money they won. For this exact reason one needs to remember that behind an often exciting amount of the offered bonus, there’s a less attractive side of the deal.

Cash-Out Limits

Apart from wagering requirements that can change a player’s perspective on the bonus, there’s also a matter of the cash-out limit. In the casino world, this will mean the maximum amount that can be withdrawn using the bonus money.

 Imagine you have finally been lucky and hit an enormous jackpot. And as you’re getting ready for some luxury splurge, you find out you simply can’t physically have this money. Casino operators limit your possibilities of “luck” by putting a cap on the winnings. Some online casinos will let you withdraw as little as £50, while others will be more generous and could let you take home more than thousands of pounds. Hence the “higher cash-out limits” might be more definitely more interesting for players.

Types Of Games

Ironically enough, the “free” no deposit bonus a player gets from a casino does not always allow for plenty to manoeuvre. Online operators will often list down the types of games, as well as bet sizes, that can be used for the given bonus. 

Players, then, should always ensure beforehand that the bonus can be used on the game they’re most interested in, simply to save time and disappointment. It’s beneficial to choose a provider that can offer a whole lot of casino games that cover the bonus offer.

Managing Expectations

Players have different expectations with regards to casinos, as well as various budgets to play with. Regardless of that, all come to an online casino to enjoy the excitement of gambling and, if lucky, enjoy great winnings. Casinos have always had an advantage over their customers and they surely continue to generate big money but it doesn’t necessarily mean players can’t boost their accounts while playing, either.

A golden rule? Managing expectations. One will never conquer the world and become ugly rich by using a casino’s no deposit bonus but can definitely enjoy a great casino experience. It’s important to keep that in mind and assess individual offers of casinos we consider to choose, rather than preparing to see extra zero’s added to our bank accounts. 

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