MotoGP is one of the most popular motorsports competitions in the world. It’s a thrilling event that draws millions of fans yearly and keeps them returning for more. But there are plenty of alternative ways to enjoy motorsport events besides MotoGP.


Best Alternatives to MotoGP Racing:

1. MotoGP™ Apps

MotoGP™ Apps

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A must-have for any MotoGP fan, the official MotoGP app allows you to keep up with recent races or get all the information on upcoming ones. You’ll also be able to follow your favorite riders and teams while catching up on the news from around the world of Motorsport. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.



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If you want all the recent news, stats and information about MotoGP, this is one of the best alternatives. will provide comprehensive coverage worldwide and keep you updated with everything happening in MotoGP events all year round.



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CrashNet offers a dedicated section for every significant motorsport event, including MotoGP, Formula 1 and World Rally Championship. They have a wide selection of news stories, interviews, race reports, videos and photos so that you can stay in the know about MotoGP action.

4. MCN


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MCN is home to all the latest news and updates from around the world of motorsport racing, including the MRF Challenge Cup Series, Asian GP Series and more.

In addition, they also offer advice and tips on how to get the most out of your MotoGP viewing experience, whether online or in person.

5. Bikesportnews


Destination URL:

As its name suggests, Bikesporstnews is officially endorsed by Dorna Sports as the official news source for MotoGP coverage.

They have comprehensive information about all aspects of racing, from previews to race reviews, so that you won’t miss an important detail.

6. MotorsportsTV


Destination URL:

MotorsportsTV is a subscription-based platform with complete coverage of the MotoGP season. With their live streams and race replays, you can enjoy all your favorite action whenever and wherever you want.

7. Reddit


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With a page dedicated solely to MotoGP discussions and news, the Reddit community is among the best alternatives for hardcore MotoGP fans. Keep up with all your favorite drivers, teams and events while exploring different topics related to motorsport.

8. BT Sport

BT Sport-motogp

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BT Sport provides action-packed coverage of every significant Motorsport event. From live streams to highlights, keep up with all the continuous excitement of MotoGP on this go-to platform.

9. Eurosport


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Eurosport is another excellent alternative for your MotoGP fix. With their in-depth interviews, coverage of recent races, and detailed insights, they have covered everything so you never miss a race.

10. NBC Sports

NBC Sports-motogp

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NBC Sports is an excellent option for those who want to keep up with the live and on-demand MotoGP season. Whether you prefer the convenience of their official app or streaming directly from the website, they have covered it, so don’t miss out.

11. Sling TV

Sling TV

Destination URL:

Sling TV is an industry leader in streaming live sporting events – including MotoGP. Stay in touch with all the latest action and updates while watching high-definition streams of MotoGP races on your device whenever you want.

12. YouTube TV

YouTube TV

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With YouTube, you’ll never miss a beat from any MotoGP event. Their DVR feature also allows you to record races and watch them at a later time, so there’s no need to be glued to your screen.

13. FuboTV


Destination URL:

FuboTV is another excellent alternative for watching MotoGP live without the hassle of dealing with contracts or extra charges. Its fantastic customization options and cloud DVR space are worth checking out.

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14. ESPN+


Destination URL:

ESPN+ is an excellent option for those who want to keep up with recent MotoGP races and news. With up-to-date coverage from the international motorsport scene, you won’t miss a beat.

15. DAZN


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DAZN is an excellent alternative to watching MotoGP if you want a superb streaming service. With their fantastic selection of sporting events, they have something to suit everyone’s needs.

16. Sky Sports

Sky Sports

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Sky Sports provides comprehensive coverage of motorsport events worldwide, so you never miss out on essential races and news. With their detailed reporting, you’ll stay updated with all your favorite MotoGP action.

17. MotoGP™ Live Experience App

MotoGP™ Live Experience App

Destination URL:

The official MotoGP Live Experience app gives you access to many live events worldwide – including race starts, finishes and memorable moments, as well as post-race analysis interviews and reviews.

18. MotoGP™ VideoPass

MotoGP™ VideoPass

Destination URL:

Get the best view of the MotoGP season with the official VideoPass. You’ll get access to hundreds of full onboard laps, instant replay replays, and exclusive interviews with riders – giving you an insider look into what it takes to win a race.

19. MotoGP™ Store

MotoGP™ Store

Destination URL:

If you’re a vast MotoGP fan, why not treat yourself to official merchandise? Browse through the extensive selection of items and get your hands on everything from apparel to accessories – all with excellent MotoGP branding.

20. MotoGP™ Fantasy League

MotoGP™ Fantasy League

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Let your MotoGP knowledge be tested with the official Fantasy League. Compete against your fellow fans and see who can predict each race winner or the championship standings. And don’t forget to have fun, too – it’s all part of the game.

21. MotoGP™ eSport Championship

MotoGP™ eSport Championship

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Showcase your expertise with the official MotoGP eSport Championship and become a world champion. Put your skills to the test on virtualized tracks as you go up against pro drivers from around the world.

22. MotoGP™ VIP Village ™

MotoGP™ VIP Village ™

Destination URL:

Get access to exclusive VIP programs and experiences such as money can buy. From enjoying the paddock lifestyle to watching races from privileged viewpoints – it’s all here.

What is MotoGP?

MotoGP, or Grand Prix Motorcycling, is a premier class of motorcycle racing that takes place on circuits all over the world.

The sport has seen riders compete in 500cc and 750cc motorcycles since its first season in 1949, then changing it up with 9 90cc and 800cc engine machines until 2008. It is considered the sport’s most prestigious motorcycle racing world championship and is watched by fans worldwide.

MotoGP Not Working? Explained

Several factors could lead to MotoGP not working or being affected as expected: bad weather, changes in race times or dates, technical issues with broadcasting coverage or streaming services – these are just some examples.

Therefore, you cannot always guarantee it will work the way you want it to; that’s why having alternative options are essential so you don’t miss out on your favorite MotoGP action.


1. Who organizes the MotoGP world championship?

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is the governing body of MotoGP and is responsible for organizing the world championship race.

2. How many riders take part in a MotoGP race?

It depends on the track’s circuit and length, but typically, between 15 to 22 motorcycles compete in each race.

3. Can I watch MotoGP online?

Yes, With all of these 22 alternatives listed above – you can enjoy the races live or on-demand from anywhere in the world.

4. Where are MotoGP circuits located?

MotoGP operates mainly in Europe and Asia, with some Grand Prix taking place throughout South America, Australia, Japan and South Africa. The whole race calendar is available here [].

5. What equipment do riders use during the race?

Riders use a high-speed motorcycle with a 4-stroke engine up to 1000cc and electronics to control tires, brake force, etc. Race gear such as helmets, leathers, gloves and boots are also mandatory for safety during MotoGP races.

6. How long does the MotoGP world championship season last?

The world championship typically lasts from March until November every year – but this could vary slightly depending on the circuits and current health regulations.

7. What safety measures are in place for MotoGP riders?

To ensure rider safety, all MotoGP riders wear a helmet certified to the latest FIM standard, which is the gold standard for personal protective equipment in competitions such as Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Additionally, racetracks have internationally approved barriers that protect against any impacts of crashes or collisions during races.

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