Why do top publishers such as Forbes, CNN, Reuters, and USA Today run Media.net ads on their sites? Their cutting-edge technology, a wide array of innovative solutions, coupled with superior customer support, draw leading publishers towards this contextual advertising network. You too can monetize your inventory with the digital industry’s second-largest player in contextual advertising. Here’s a rundown on Media.net’s offerings that benefit small, independent, and established publishers alike.

Media.net's Offerings

1. Access to extensive and exclusive advertising budgets

The Media.net Marketplace combines the expansive Yahoo! Bing ads network with direct, keyword-targeted demand from leading advertisers and agencies. Adding RTB-enabled Demand Side Partners (DSPs) into the mix, the platform introduces stiff competition in a first-price auction, and offers publishers exclusive access to search advertising budgets worth $6 billion from the Yahoo! Bing contextual ads network. This rich bid-density ensures the highest possible revenue for your inventory. Regardless of whether your website is in a popular or niche vertical, this extensive demand fuels consistent fill-rates, making Media.net one of the most preferred ad platforms in the ecosystem.

2. A viable solution for cookie-less environments

Media.net runs ads that are not dependent on information tracked by cookies, an important fact in the wake of stringent user privacy regulations that have been passed, especially GDPR and CCPA. This platform powers ad units through the context of your content, independent of audience data. Their proprietary contextual tech runs a complete keyword and content analysis of your website to determine the kinds of ads that suit your audience the most. 

3. Multiple ad types that balance UX and revenue  

Media.net’s algorithms automatically match relevant ads to every page on your website with a single ad tag or code on your website. Apart from traditional display ads, publishers can also unlock other high-engagement formats including:

  • Contextual ads: This format, using relevant keywords, allows refined and focused targeting based on user intent. These ads are also called Display to Search ads. Designed by Media.net, this ad format brings search budgets to your display placements by identifying consumer search intent. For example, if your website deals in travel stories, the platform will serve ads displaying package-tours to your audience. Advertisers offer higher prices for such intent-driven marketing. Thus, this model draws higher revenues. 
  • Native ads: Native ads blend in with the layout and design of your webpage and are, hence, non-intrusive. AI-driven optimal placements capture user interest at the right moment. Media.net’s native ads have especially shown great results when it comes to audience engagement.
  • Mobile responsive ads: Mobile devices accounted for 51.3% of global internet traffic in the second quarter of 2020. With Media.net, you can insert responsive and customizable ad creatives that resize according to the device’s screen resolution. This feature helps publishers monetize voluminous mobile traffic with ease. 

4. Ease of integration and multiple ways of collaboration

Media.net, along with its contextual solutions, also offers Prebid and server-side header-bidding that can earn you additional revenue without hampering your user experience. 

No technical know-how is needed to work with the Media.net.

  • After your site is approved, all you need to do is sign in to create codes for ad units.
  • Copy the code snippets to your webpage to install the units in a jiffy.
  • Integrate multiple websites under a single account.
  • Activate several ad units (in-content natives, out-stream videos, IAB standards, etc.) without any additional lines of code. 

Partnering with Media.net also:

  • Lets experienced publishers control over customizing ad units. 
  • Allows publishers dealing with programmatic to turn over their optimization, monitoring, and modification needs to Media.net’s team of experts.
  • Gives publishers the ability to merge multiple vendor solutions under a single platform.
  • Lets publishers run Media.net in combination with other partners without binding contracts.

5. Greater control 

The Media.net suite allows publishers to:

  • Filter advertisers and ad topics
  • Enjoy total transparency over auction mechanics
  • Track ad impressions in real-time
  • Check earnings by site, page, device, ad-tags, locations, and other KPIs
  • Use the advanced data analysis capabilities of its intuitive machine-learning software
  • Ensure quality audience matching, and maximize yields

Final word

Along with its robust technology, Media.net’s global operations team offers responsive account support. Their dedicated reps guide you throughout your journey, right from setup and managing demand partnerships to interpreting analytics and implementing strategies that are tailored to your needs. So why not give them a shot? Boost your fill rates today by adding Media.net and exclusive ad budgets from the Yahoo! Bing contextual ads network to your ad stack. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.