In order for your law firm to get the maximum exposure possible, it has to be cognizant of how important marketing is in today’s digital age.

    For example, not having a website is all but a recipe for disaster.

    Given how many millions of individuals rely on the worldwide web for information these days, it is imperative that your firm not only has a website, but has one that is as relevant and active as possible.

    Secondly, does your website offer a valid blog?

    With countless blogs out there, you want to make sure that yours stands out from the other law firms.

    Lastly, are you using social media to the best of your abilities? If not, you are again wasting a valuable resource, one that potential clients could end up finding you through.

    With all of this in mind, are you properly marketing your legal services in today’s digital age?

    Don’t Let Any Stones Unturned

    For your law firm to get as much out of the Internet as possible, remember the following pointers:

    • Voice – For starters, is your online voice being heard? Don’t be shocked to hear that many law firms nationwide are still behind the curve when it comes to getting their online voices out there. From lackadaisical websites to a marginal interest in social media, they are dropping the ball in today’s digital age. Denver digital marketing agency Alphamind Studios Inc. states that “Content marketing is a great way to speak to your target customers in an easy-to-understand way. You can also use content to write about relatable topics, in a friendly and caring voice.” Make sure voice is heard in as many online areas as possible. This would include your website, social media, blog posts, webinars, podcasts, and even videos. Doing whatever it takes to spread the word online about your law firm should be a priority in today’s world;
    • Content – As mentioned a moment ago, blog posts can be particularly effective, especially when you have relevant authors writing them. If your writing skills leave a little to be desired and/or you simply do not have the time to write and post, find those who do have both. The content should not only be written well, but also speak to the needs of many potential or current clients. For example, someone looking for a sex crimes attorney hopefully knows all too well the serious charge they are up against. As a result, someone trying to find a sex crimes attorney will likely scour the Internet, hoping that perfect attorney is out there. If you have content that speaks to this specific kind of charge, especially noting how damaging a conviction can be, you’re in a better spot to land such clients. Lastly, be sure to promote your content (see more below) as much as possible. 

    Socializing the Legal Experience

    • Social media – With countless consumers using social media these days, you would be utterly foolish not to try and engage many of them. That blog content spoken of a moment ago is a perfect example. Use sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook (there are more) to promote your content. In doing so, it just takes a few eyes to come across what was written. In turn, even if someone reading your content doesn’t need your legal assistance at this time, they may very well have a family member and/or friend who does. Before you know it, your law firm is being recommended to those parties;

    • Mobile apps – Lastly, with millions and millions of consumers using their mobile devices these days, your firm should certainly consider having a mobile app if it doesn’t already. Although many law firms still depend on phone calls and emails to communicate with clients, mobile apps allow for instantaneous communication. As in the case of social media, the goal is to essentially be available 24/7 to the public, especially when legal help is needed immediately as in an arrest etc.

    As a law firm, not marketing your legal services in today’s digital age could very well leave you with a guilty verdict, a verdict that ultimately means fewer clients.

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.