It has been widely understood and accepted for a long time that Scrum in itself does not clearly define any technical best practices which would be necessary to achieve any real success in Scrum. The theory of Scrum is a lot more based on human nature and common sense and assumes that individuals would remove impediments and difficulties that they may come across on their own by adopting the right strategies and technical approaches. This is definitely a reasonable assumption, and has indeed worked pretty well for most Scrum teams, over a long period of time. These successes are most commonly observed among those who are using the XP-style practices of days gone by. This has had moderate success but over time it has come to be clear that this can’t work in every use case. In fact, on average most Scrum teams out there are not able to get all the benefits that they might be able to and that a major cause for this is the fact that the individuals who make up the team are unable to figure out exactly which technical practices they need to adopt to keep their work going with agility.

The Scrum Alliance has recognised that this is definitely an issue, and considering the fact that they push for more success in teams who use this methodology they have created a certification which goes along well with these new concerns, and minimizes the negative effects that are caused by an inability to identify the right techniques to be used. The certified scum developer certificationhas been the alliance’s answer to the growing concerns that Scrum is highly dependent on the ability of individuals to navigate themselves through issues in a team, it ensures that the developers are able to find some resources that will enable them to choose better practices in times of dilemma. The csd certificationtries to achieve what many think is impossible, certifying developers. While this is definitely a difficult task, it is by no means impossible. In fact, with most developers keen to learn new ways of incorporating agility into their development process as well as wanting to broaden their portfolios and skill sets, the csd course makes all that and more possible for them. This also has the tidy effect of putting people on the right road of understanding Scrum, which is probably the most important task at hand.

Now the certified scum developer training is definitely not the one stop solution to every Scrum related issue that teams face at the frontlines, but it is definitely a small step in the right direction and one that ensure a great degree of future readiness. The various requirements that are clearly put out are all carefully selected to ensure that applicants take the necessary steps beforehand and make sure they are ready for their fundamental csd training. Although there wereoriginally thoughts as to making the minimum required length of the technical training five days instead of the current three, the Scrum Alliance decided that it would be more inclusive if the three-day schedule was followed. This means that getting ready for this certification is a very simple and easy process and the barrier to entry is not very high. Many experts feel that professionals and developers who have been exposed to this kind of training have come out with a far better understanding of Scrum practices as well as the philosophy of the entire ideal altogether. This makes sure that these individuals are able to best make use of their skill sets and make the right decisions during product development. This includes choosing the right roles in teams, and the right practices to handle difficult times.