As a small business owner do you find that resolving inventory management issues distracts you from the day-to-day running of your business? Retailers, wholesalers and distributors around the world use technology to address the control, management and reporting of stock. With EMERGE App inventory management software, small businesses can now enjoy similar sophisticated software at the cost of two weeks of lattes a month.

Make the Move to the Cloud

Raise your hands if you’re using pen-and-paper or spreadsheets to manage your stock. It’s perfectly fine if you do. Small and medium-sized businesses around the world still use simple but effective tools to record their inventory. It works well until you start to scale your business.

You need inventory management software when your tried-and-tested workflow can’t keep up with multiple sales channels, product variants and raw materials. Moving your inventory records to the cloud means consolidating all the records of your customers, suppliers, products, orders and shipments in one place.

This means real-time and more accurate reporting of inventory levels for your multiple product lines. And putting all your data in one place means no more hunting for spreadsheet files or paper records, and greater transparency across your business. Furthermore, as a sales order makes it way through your business workflow, employees can collaborate and share information using tasks and notes.

Automate Your Workflow Where Possible

You bought into technology so that your business can work better, faster and cheaper. So make it work for you by harnessing tips, tricks and shortcuts with your inventory management software. What used to take a few steps with traditional means or other software, now only takes a click with sophisticated inventory management software.

If you’re an importer, landed costs are automatically calculated and distributed in proportion to the product in the purchase order. Likewise, for exporters, CBM for your packing lists is automatically calculated when you provide packing dimensions for your products. Or if you’re dealing with food and pharmaceutical products, manage your product batches and track their expiry dates.

Integrate With Other Business Solutions

Follow the lead of savvy small businesses and move your operations to the cloud. In addition to traditional sales channels, inventory management software will be able to import sales orders from your e-commerce website and stores at other online marketplaces. For greater in-depth financial reporting, export your invoices and credit notes to web-based accounting packages and get greater insights into your demand forecasts and hence inventory levels.

Running a small business is tough. It’s hard enough to drive sales when you have inventory management issues to worry about. And if you’re engaged in a trade that produces small batches of handmade products with care, stock keeping woes can distract you from your craft. Thankfully, EMERGE App inventory management software is available with a free subscription tier if your business needs are modest. Better still, upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy premium features and more support.