MadFut is a popular online app designed for soccer fans around the world. It contains all of your favourite teams and players, as well as up-to-date statistics on their performance during games.

With MadFut you can compare different teams, follow individual players’ progress and receive interesting new facts about your team’s performance.

But MadFut isn’t the only service out there – there are many alternatives that can offer even more features and better user experiences, so we’ve put together this list of different apps and services for you to explore.

Best Madfut Alternatives


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OyunClub is one of the best alternatives to Madfut, with a comprehensive library of teams and players. It also offers detailed statistical analysis for each match played, making it the perfect choice for serious soccer fans who want to stay informed on their team’s performance.


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The focus with FutMind is solely on Fantasy Soccer Leagues, where you can create or join a league with friends and compete against one another in prediction-based games of skill that utilise real-world data from real soccer teams and matches.


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With Futchief, you’ve got a wide selection of fantasy leagues and tournaments all in one place, so if you want to really put your prediction skills to the test then this might be the right choice for you! It also includes live scoring and statistics updates throughout each game or tournament that takes place on their app

Ultimate Team

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Ultimate Team offers you the chance to create your own dream team from over 270,000 players from across the world and then play with or against them in competitive leagues. You can also look at detailed statistics such as each individual player’s stats for any specific match played


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If you’re looking for a more general soccer highlights app, then Futhead is the way to go. It offers up-to-date news and analysis of all major tournaments worldwide as well as a variety of interesting features such as simulations for upcoming matches.


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This offers an incredible database with over 500,000 player cards currently available! With this you can compare stats between different teams or players in real-time, allowing you to make better decisions when selecting your team.


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This app gives you the chance to track game trends, analytics and statistics for any player or team in FIFA Ultimate Team mode which allows users to create their own dream teams by combining players from different clubs around the world


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With this app, you can manage a full-fledged virtual soccer club where you will compete against other players in a variety of leagues. As the team’s manager, you’ll need to handle transfers, create tactics and manage player issues on a daily basis.


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Here you can compete against other gamers in virtual competitions on FIFA Ultimate Team and you can also use the Prediction League to make predictions for upcoming games.


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Here you can plan transfers for an unlimited number of clubs or players from any league in the world, making predictions about upcoming matches and also getting frequently updated news and information related to each club.


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This site features tactics guides as well as interviews with some of the top players in Ultimate Team mode so you can gain insight into their playing styles to improve your own gameplay.


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Here you can make predictions and share your football knowledge with others by creating a personalized Ultimate Team profile complete with an avatar and stats! It also includes reviews of recent games to help inform players when selecting their teams


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This site focuses primarily on news and highlights from the world of soccer, but it also features forums where people can discuss different topics related to the sport such as transfers, player selections and more

What is MadFut?

Madfut is an online platform that allows users to manage their fantasy soccer teams and competitions. It also offers statistical analysis of individual players or entire squads as well as weekly updates on news events related to competitive soccer leagues throughout the world such as UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

madFut Not Working? Explained

If you’re having trouble with Madfut, the first thing to do is check if your device meets its minimum system requirements as outlined on its website. If the issue persists then contact customer service who may be able to guide you through resolving what might just be a minor technical problem!

Madfut FAQs

What devices are supported by Madf ut?

Madfut is available for iOS and Android devices.

How often does MadFut update news about competitive soccer leagues?

The site updates news events related to competitive soccer leagues every week, giving you the latest information as soon as it’s released.

Can I challenge my friends in fantasy matches on MadFut?

Yes, MadFut does allow you to challenge your friends in fantasy matches.

Does Madfut offer statistical analysis?

Yes, MadFut offers detailed statistical analysis for both individual players and squads so that users can more accurately assess their team’s performance over time.

Is there a premium version of the app available?

Yes, MadFut does offer a premium version of the app that includes extra features such as a dedicated customer service team, in-app purchases and more.

Are there any shareable insights on MadFut?

Yes, MadFut provides users with regular insights into recent events in competitive soccer leagues which can then be shared with friends, teammates or other users through the platform.

Does Madfut provide official training sessions?

No, MadFut does not offer official training sessions but there are many online tutorials available for users to get the most out of their experience with the app.

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