Despite being one of the most secure devices in the market, iPhones can get into all sorts of trouble. That is why most people and experts recommend taking regular backups of the device data. However, there is one issue ahead — iTunes. As you know, iTunes is the official and recommended way to manage your iOS device, and backing up data comes under the same domain. And, you know how iTunes goes.

It’s no understatement that almost everyone hates iTunes. And, almost everyone we’ve talked to had looked for a solution to back up their iPhone without iTunes. Brace yourself, we have something that may interest you. In this article, we will be talking about DearMob and how it can help you backup iPhone without iTunes. Shall we begin?

What Is DearMob iPhone Manager?

As the name says, DearMob iPhone Manager is a utility that lets you manage your iPhone device. Be it iPhone 6S or XS, you will be able to back up content without iTunes, manage content within the device, organize all your music and protect information. While other features may sound additional, the one-click backup is an awesome option indeed.

In the following brief review, we will be talking about the same.

Getting Started with DearMob iPhone Manager

gettig started with Daermob

It’s really easy to get started with DearMob. We would even say that the process is easier than getting your baby steps with iTunes. Once you have downloaded and installed the program, you can move ahead, connect your iPhone and start accessing the available options. For instance, if you want to back up all your data, you can do that right away.

It’s also notable that DearMob iPhone Manager has one of the most intuitive UIs we’ve ever seen. You can, for instance, access all the main sections from the main interface. Also, even when you’ve got hundreds of files to move around, it will keep things cool. Considering that DearMob iPhone Manager does not make any compromise in terms of features, the UI is something great.

Features We Loved

Let’s have a look at some of the features we loved in DearMob iPhone Manager.

  • One-click iPhone Backup

Hassle-free iPhone backup is indeed the best feature when it comes to DearMob iPhone Manager. As we did say earlier, you will be able to connect your iPhone via USB and start the backup process. Selective Backup is quite useful because you can transfer content that you really want.

  • DRM Removal

One really annoying thing about iTunes is that you cannot transfer movies/video content that you purchased from the iTunes store. However, with the help of DearMob iPhone Manager, you can remove the DRM and make this possible. This is applicable in the case of e-books and other premium content.

password encryption

  • Password Encryption

DearMob iPhone Manager also brings a superb feature to protect data that you exported from the iPhone. You can create an encrypted folder that would be protected with both symmetric and asymmetric forms of cryptography.

And, yes, you don’t need iTunes for any of these tasks.

How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes Using DearMob?

Just to give you an idea here, these are some steps you have to follow for backing up data from iPhone.

Step #1

You have to install DearMob iPhone Manager on your computer and connect your iPhone with the PC/Mac.

Go to the main screen and choose the Backup option.

Step #2

Now, from the available options, you can choose what you want to back up.

Depending on the type of data you are backing up, there may be options to edit.

click on backup button

Step #3

Once you are done with the selection, click on the Sync button.

That’s it. You have successfully backed up iPhone data without iTunes. Don’t you think it’s super-easy?

You can also check the video tutorial:

How To Get DearMob iPhone Manager For Free?

So, DearMob iPhone Manager is undoubtedly one of the best iPhone management software out there. It has been packed with a number of cool features as well. But, did you know that DearMob is a premium tool?

Well, that doesn’t make a big difference though. As it happens, DearMob is running a giveaway that would allow you to get free license code of DearMob iPhone Manager. We hope you wouldn’t want to miss it if you own an iPhone.

So, unless you have a lot of time, go ahead and grab a copy of DearMob iPhone Manager now.

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