Essays are a common task for both college students and high school students. Therefore, you should do your best to familiarize yourself with the proper structure and format. We have a couples of tips that should help you write papers that will impress any teacher.


Before you begin working, you need to make sure that you have a proper environment. Start be cleaning your work area. Make sure that there isn’t anything that can distract you. It is recommended that you avoid music and keep your mobile phone away.


You can’t write an essay without preparing for it first. You should start by choosing a topic and a title for your paper. Write those down and then think about the points that you want to develop. List all the arguments and then add proper examples for each one.

Clear language

Even if you need to use specialist language, avoid using a convoluted style. Make sure that all your ideas are presented clearly and use a straightforward language. Your professors will appreciate this more than a pretentious tone.

Taking breaks

Constant breaks are recommended and they can help you stay focused and motivated. You should schedule 15 minutes breaks from time to time. Use those breaks to get a snack or even do some exercises. Once you will get back to work you will have a lot more energy.

Respect the structure

Your paper should have an introduction, body and conclusion, and it is vital that you have all these three parts. The introduction should be used to state your thesis, as well as the points that you are going to make in the paper.

The body of the essay should contain all the arguments, as well as evidence for each one. Make sure that you explain properly each point. There should be a paragraph for each argument that you are going to make. Finally, in the conclusion you need to restate the main idea of your essay and offer closure for your readers.

Learn from examples

Reading other students’ essay papers can provide you the inspiration that you need. There are plenty of online databases that you can use for this. It is always helpful to look at examples, because you can learn from them. You will end up improving your own essay.

Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation

Once you are done with your essay, make sure that there are no errors in it. Read it one more time and correct any mistakes. You can also use a spellchecker on your paper. Your grammar, spelling and punctuation should be flawless. Don’t forget about the format either. Make sure that you followed the instructions offered by your teacher.

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