Are you looking for an alternative to the popular illustration software, Kleki? Then look no further! Below is a comprehensive list of 31 amazing alternatives that offer great benefits when it comes to graphic design. Read on to learn more about each one in detail.

    Sk 1:

    Sk 1

    Sk 1 is a fully featured vector editor that allows you to create complex illustrations for both print and digital portfolios. It comes with easy-to-use tools like path Bezier curves, gradients, bitmap effects, and many more for creating stunning works of art.



    Alva is an advanced vector graphics application designed specifically for web projects. With its drag & drop features, it helps you quickly and easily create vector illustrations and animations for the web. It comes with a wide selection of brushes and tools to make creating beautiful graphics easily.



    GIMP is an incredibly versatile image manipulation software that can be used to do all sorts of image editing tasks from basic photo correction to professional art creation. Its wide range of built-in features makes GIMP a great choice for graphic designers who want to create beautiful visuals with ease.



    Aggie is an open-source graphics editing software specifically designed for iOS devices. It features a modern design, intuitive guides, and tutorials, along with powerful tools to create stunning graphics easily. With Aggie, you can perform basic image manipulation functions such as cropping and resizing images in addition to more advanced operations such as vector graphics design.



    Akira is a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use graphic illustration software that enables you to create professional illustrations with ease. Built exclusively for Mac users, its sleek user interface and an array of tools make it ideal for creating high-quality visuals from simple sketches to complex images.



    Bloom is a graphic design application with tons of features and tools to help create stunning visuals. It offers layers, gradients, vector editing, and many more features which make it an amazing alternative to Kleki for anyone who wants flexibility when creating content. On top of all this Bloom also offers tutorials so that users can easily get the hang of illustrations quickly.



    Krita is a free design software that works on both Mac and Windows. It comes with an impressive range of features such as curves, paths, layers, text tools, filters, and much more which make it ideal for creating many types of illustrations. Krita also has the capability to automate tasks so you can save time while designing.



    Pixlr is an Adobe Photoshop alternative that offers basic but powerful image editing features. It has several tools to manipulate photos, layer, and masking features as well as smart selection which effectively cuts out the background of an object making it perfect for creating clean vector graphics.



    Vectr is a free online web graphic design application with professional-grade tools. Vectr provides users with vector drawing capabilities which they can use to design stunning visuals. It is perfect for creating logos, social media graphics as well elegant designs that are sure to captivate.



    Sketch is another powerful software designed exclusively for Mac users. It has the ability to quickly create high-resolution illustrations and animations with ease via its comprehensive collection of tools and features such as multiple artboards, customizable vector shapes, and text tools.



    Alchemy is a great option for developers who wish to create their own graphics applications. It has an open-source code that can be easily modified so users are able to customize their existing designs or create entirely new ones. Alchemy also comes with its own library of drawing accessories which makes it the perfect solution.



    Br l-CAD is a 3D modeling application that allows users to create object models with ease. It has powerful vector drawing capabilities and although it may be a bit technical, Brl- CAD can still produce beautiful illustrations with its advanced software tools.



    Dotgrid is a vector drawing software that can be used to quickly create flat illustrations and other designs. With its clean and intuitive user interface, Dotgrid lets users easily manipulate existing designs or make their own from scratch.



    Formone is an application specifically made for creating infographics, icons, or logos. It comes with a wide selection of assets like cut-outs shapes, arrows, and circles among many others with which you can quickly create visuals within minutes.



    Imgfl ip is an image editing application for both casual and professional users. It has a vast selection of adjustment tools to apply filters, tweak colors, and blur effects so that users can easily enhance their photos or create stunning illustrations out of images.



    Artboard is an innovative vector design application ideal for creating logos and other illustrations. Its many features such as shape-building, tracing tools, and layer compositions make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create professional visuals quickly.



    EvolveUI is a browser-based graphic design tool with which you can easily create user interfaces within minutes. It offers many powerful features such as layer masking and fully customizable grids which make designing easy for even beginners.



    Inkscape is a vector graphics editor built specifically for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. With its extensive collection of features, users can create stunning visuals in no time at all. In addition to this, it also has dedicated tutorials to help you get the hang of it quickly. 



    Webchemy is an online graphics creator that allows you to upload photos and create stunning visuals. It has a wide selection of cool features such as custom shapes, masks, filters, and fonts which give users unlimited possibilities when creating designs.



    Youidraw is a powerful cloud-based illustration design and animation software perfect for creating web designs. It has many useful features such as gradients, flexible brush shapes, distorted tools, and the ability to animate objects which make it ideal for designing visuals.


    Drawberry is a vector editor like no other! With its feature-rich but still, user-friendly interface users can create stunning illustrations with ease. Drawberry’s cloud-based technology also allows users to save their projects and access them from anywhere. 

    Formoone is an advanced graphic design platform with a modern interface suitable for people of all levels. It offers many creative tools such as shape building, text effects, filters, color palettes, and more; allowing you to quickly create beautiful visuals without any obstacles.



    Sumopaint is a graphic design software for beginners and pros alike. It has many features designed to help you create great-looking visuals that are sure to impress. Sumopaint also comes with advanced filters which give you the professional quality of editing tools like Photoshop while being way simpler. 



    Logo livery is a logo design tool for businesses and professionals that lets you easily create original logos for your brand. It has several features such as vector-based shapes, color filters, gradients, textures, and many more which give users full control over their designs.



    Let’s Draw It is the perfect web graphic design software when it comes to creating cartoons and comic strips. With its user-friendly yet powerful tools users can easily create beautiful visuals in no time at all. 



    Ludigraphix is a minimalist vector drawing software perfect for creating content such as motion graphics, illustrations, or posters with ease. It also offers tutorials so even newcomers can pick up the basics within minutes. 

    Pixilart Drawing:

    Pixilart Drawing

    Pixilart is a great web graphic design application for creating amazing digital paintings. It comes with multiple layers, refactoring tools, and amazing effects which help you take your art to the next level.



    Pixlr-o-matic is a fun and easy-to-use image editing application that allows you to add special effects to your photos. With its huge selection of presets, frames, textures, and more users will be able to easily create beautiful visuals in no time. 



    Speedypainter is an online paint software with many features designed for content creation. Whether it’s illustrations or basic sketches; Speedypainter has the perfect tools to help you create beautiful visuals quickly and easily. 

    Gravit Designer: 

    Gravit Designer 

    Gravit Designer is a powerful vector graphic design application for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It helps users quickly create great-looking designs with features such as multiple artboards, blur effects, patterns, and many more. Whether it’s a logo or complex visual; Gravit Designer makes creating stunning visuals a breeze. 

    Now that you know what kind of alternatives there are to Kleki, it is up to you to decide which one best fits your needs and can help improve your graphic design skills!

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