KissAsian is a popular streaming platform that can let you stream various Korean, Japanese, and Chinese shows online. It offers users access to an extensive library of different dramas, anime series, movies, and TV shows which are regularly updated.

This platform is easy to use as well so anyone can easily find the video they’re looking for without any hassle.

But KissAsian may not always work properly and some users might face the error “KissAsian Error” while streaming content which could mean that their IP address is blocked or TV shows/anime series on KissAsian is probably unavailable for your region.


There are a number of reliable alternatives to KissAsian available out there if you are looking for other ways to watch Asian dramas, anime series, movies, and tv shows online. To help you out, here’s a list of the 12 best KissAsian alternatives.

Top 13 kissasian Alternatives {2024 Updated}


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Kocowa is one of the top-rated streaming services where you can watch high-definition videos from popular Korean TV shows like “Children of Nobody”, “Circle – Two Worlds Connected” and many more.

Its user interface is intuitive, making it easier for users to browse through the content available on the platform. It also provides multiple subtitle options which can help you enjoy the dramas with ease even if your native language isn’t Korean.


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DramaKoreaIndo offers a broad range of streaming services with which you can watch your favorite Korean shows online, including “The Crowned Clown”, “Hotel Del Luna” and lots more.

It also offers multiple subtitle options for each show/drama so no matter what language you speak, watching the drama through this platform will be a breeze.



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VIKI is another popular alternative to KissAsian that allows users to stream various Asian dramas, movies and shows online with ease. This streaming service is perfect for those who want to access a plethora of content from different parts of the globe which include dramas in Chinese, Japanese and Korean language.

Moreover, it also offers multiple subtitles options to make sure that you fully understand each series or drama that you watch regardless of your location.


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MyDramaList is an extensive platform for those who love watching Asian dramas, movies, and shows. The content selection is always updated with new titles added regularly.

Furthermore, this streaming service also provides users with an immense database of reviews as well so they can accurately figure out what to watch next according to the taste and preferences of other viewers like them.


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View Asian is another reliable alternative to KissAsian that allows its users access to an extensive library of diverse Asian dramas, movies, and shows for free.

It also provides a wide range of subtitle options so you can watch videos from different parts of the world with ease no matter what language it is in.


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Polldrama offers quite a unique streaming to other alternatives out there as it allows users to rate each drama they’ve watched just by clicking on polls or rating a given series.

This streaming service also offers various Asian dramas, movies, and shows that you can watch for free as well with ease.


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Drama3s is an immensely popular streaming platform with quite a diverse library of Asian dramas, movies, and shows that can be streamed easily without any interruption whatsoever.

Its user interface is also simple to use which further enhances your viewing pleasure while using the service provided by this site as well.


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DramaNice is a great streaming platform with a multitude of Asian dramas, series, movies, and tv shows along with the availability of multi-language subtitles.

Its content library offers new titles added regularly plus users can even upload their own captions so that they can watch any drama without interruption in language obstacles as well.



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SolarMovies is another great alternative to KissAsian that provides user access to some top-notch quality Asian drama series along with other shows from around the globe too.

Besides that, its user interface is highly intuitive and offers great streaming quality for all kinds of movies/series so that you can enjoy every bit of it without any disruptions at all.


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DramaCool is a top alternative to KissAsian which not only offers plenty of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dramas but also allows Watch users to stream various movies, tv shows, and videos from different countries like the USA, UK, etc. in HD quality with English subtitles as well.


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DramaFire is a great streaming platform where users can find an immense library of popular Asian dramas that are regularly updated with new titles every month so you won’t miss out on the latest series/shows anymore.

It also allows three language options while streaming any video which makes it easier for you to fully understand the show/drama being watched.


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FastDrama is a popular alternative to KissAsian which provides a massive library of Asian movies, dramas, and shows that can be streamed with ease without requiring any sign-up procedure thus ensuring completely uninterrupted viewing sessions as well.

It also offers multiple subtitle options so anyone can access videos from all over the world no matter what language it is in.

What Is KissAsian?

KissAsian is a streaming site where users can stream, download and watch different kinds of Asian movies, dramas, and TV shows online for free with ease. It offers an extensive library of Asian titles from parts like China, Japan, and Korea.

It supports subtitles in multiple languages as well so that anyone who’s not familiar with any East-Asian language should understand the video/drama being watched until the end.

KissAsian Not Working? Explained

There are several reasons why KissAsian may not be working and it could range from simple technical issues to your geographical location’s IP address being blocked by the streaming service altogether.

In some cases, some TV shows/anime series might not be available in your region either so you have to make use of VPN or proxy sites to access them if that’s the case.

KissAsian FAQs

What languages are available in KissAsian?

KissAsian offers subtitles for multiple East-Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more.

How to download from KissAsian?

All videos on the KissAsian are available in HD quality. you can even download videos from KissAsian by copying the URL link provided below each video.

Is KissAsian free?

Yes! All shows, movies and dramas on KissAsian are totally free.

Is KissAsian legal?

No, It isn’t legal to use KissAsian since it is an illegal website and offers pirated content to its users.

Who are KissAsian owners?

The exact names of the owners of KissAsian are unknown.

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