isekai anime where mc starts weak and becomes op

Anime series often feature main characters (MCs) who start out weak but later become incredibly powerful. They begin by struggling to keep up with others. Through intense training or unexpected events, they develop into strong protagonists who can overcome any challenge.

These characters are easy to relate to because of their growth throughout the story. They have some of the most compelling character developments in anime, whether in fantasy, Isekai, sports, or everyday life genres.

Here are some top anime examples where the main character starts weak but becomes overwhelmingly powerful.

7 Anime where Weak MCs Turn OP

Tsukimichi: Moonlight Fantasy (Makoto Misumi)

Tsukimichi Moonlight Fantasy (Makoto Misumi)

Makoto, an Isekai hero, faced a challenging start in the new world. A Goddess brought him from his own realm because of a deal made by his parents. However, she abandoned him quickly due to his appearance not meeting her standards of beauty.

Fortunately, Makoto was saved from falling into a wasteland by Tsukuyomi, the Moon God. Feeling responsible as the intermediary in the contract, Tsukuyomi blessed the weak Anime MC with certain advantages.

Starting out weak, Makoto struggled initially but showed a natural talent for magic. With training and some fortunate events, he managed to gather a strong following of monsters. As he gained more allies, his magical abilities and overall power increased significantly.

To control his growing strength, Makoto had to wear Draupnir rings. These rings absorbed and stored his excess magic, preventing it from overwhelming him.

Ranking of Kings (Bojji)

Ranking of Kings (Bojji)

The Ranking of Kings, released in 2021, stands as an influential anime. It’s celebrated as a pivotal work in fantasy storytelling, focusing on Bojji’s journey to kingship.

Bojji was born frail due to a potent curse linked to a pact between his father, Bosse, and a demon. This curse left him deaf and feeble, a sacrifice for his father’s power.

Despite his challenges, Bojji developed into a perceptive and empathetic individual, always aware of his surroundings. Despite enduring harsh treatment, he maintained a cheerful demeanor. Unlike his half-brother Daida, Bojji continually grew stronger, triumphing against immense odds.

Bojji transformed from the weakest protagonist to a beloved hero, capturing hearts along the way.

Arifureta: From Common Place to World’s Strongest (Hajime Nagumo)

Arifureta From Common Place to World’s Strongest (Hajime Nagumo)

In Arifureta, Nagumo began as the weakest member of the hero’s group. His “Synergist” job made him a target for bullying among them. His stats were the lowest, making his situation worse.

During an exploration of the Orcus Labyrinth, the entire level collapsed, and Nagumo was thought to have perished. Despite this, he survived and became incredibly powerful during his time in the dungeon.

Nagumo’s determination to survive drove his development as a protagonist. He started consuming other monsters in the dungeon, gaining their abilities through his “Synergist” job.

As Nagumo grew stronger, the dungeon became increasingly difficult. He faced many near-death moments, pushing him to his limits.

Despite the challenges, Nagumo persisted. Eventually, he surpassed even the Hero and his party in strength.

Gurren Lagan (Simon)

Gurren Lagan (Simon)

Simon begins as a shy and quiet boy in Gurren Lagan. His confidence grows when he joins Kamina on their adventures.

Despite his shyness, Simon shows skill in fighting. After Kamina passes away and he meets Nia, Simon’s personality changes completely.

Gradually, Simon gains more confidence. With help from the crew, he challenges the Spiral King.

Mastering spiral energy, Simon faces the final enemy with confidence. He transforms from a timid boy into a determined young man.

Solo Leveling (Sung Jin Woo)

Solo Leveling (Sung Jin Woo)

Sung Jin Woo’s journey to becoming a powerful main character in “Solo Leveling” is a mix of luck and effort. Starting as an E Rank hunter, he was famously known as the weakest in history.

His fortunes changed when he solved the “Statue of God” puzzle and gained a second chance at life, along with a new leveling system. Although his magical abilities remained at E Rank, the system allowed him to enhance his skills and stats through quests, much like a video game.

Despite the seeming advantage of this skill, Jin Woo had to work tirelessly to grow stronger. The challenges became more difficult, but his determination never wavered. From a once-weak anime protagonist, Jin Woo defied all odds to become overpowered.

My Hero Academia (Izuku Midoriya)

My Hero Academia (Izuku Midoriya)

Deku was born without any special abilities. He was one of the few people in the world who didn’t have Quirks. Despite this, he dreamed of becoming a hero and admired All Might, the top hero of that time.

During a random meeting, All Might passes on his One for All quirk to Midoriya. But mastering his new powers was harder than expected. Even using 5%-10% of the quirk caused Midoriya harm.

So, not only did he strive to control his powers, but he also trained his body extensively to handle more of his abilities. Deku worked tirelessly to become the best hero he could be. From being powerless as a teenager, he transformed into a formidable anime protagonist.

Black Clover (Asta)

Black Clover (Asta)

Asta symbolizes determination and persistence. In a world where magic was crucial, Asta was born without any. When all 15-year-old boys received Grimoirs, Asta’s had five leaves housing an Anti-magic devil.

Both Asta and his rival Yuno were left at a church as children. Asta faced a tough childhood and criticism in his rural upbringing, especially after joining the Magic Knights.

Lacking magic and struggling with Anti-magic made Asta the weakest among the Black Bulls. Despite setbacks, he always bounced back with a positive outlook.

Asta doubled his efforts to master his abilities, enduring intense training to become a trusted member of his team.

His rivalry with Yuno drove Asta to strive for greater strength each day. As the story progressed, so did Asta’s physical prowess, making him one of the kingdom’s most formidable Knights.

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