Is Call of the Wild cross-platform? If you’ve been wondering about this and looking for a solution, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the world of cross-platform gaming, specifically for Call of the Wild, and provide you with practical solutions that can enhance your gaming experience. Let’s dive in!

TheHunter: Call of the Wild – A Quick Introduction

TheHunter Call of the Wild

The Hunter: Call of the Wild is an immersive and highly realistic hunting simulation game developed by Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds. It offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, with breathtaking open-world environments where players can track and hunt various species of animals, explore diverse landscapes, and engage in a wide range of in-game activities.

Understanding Cross-Platform, Cross-Generation, and Cross-Progression

Understanding Cross Platform Cross Generation and Cross Progression

Before we dive into the cross-platform aspects of Call of the Wild, let’s clarify three essential terms in the gaming world:

Cross-Platform: This refers to the ability of players using different gaming platforms (such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch) to play the same game together, regardless of the platform they are using.

Cross-Generation: This term refers to the compatibility of a game between different generations of gaming consoles (e.g., PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S).

Cross-Progression: This is a feature that allows players to transfer their in-game progress, including items, achievements, and save data, between different platforms or console generations.

Is TheHunter: Call of the Wild Cross-Platform in 2023?

Is TheHunter Call of the Wild Cross-Platform in 2023

Unfortunately, as of 2023, TheHunter: Call of the Wild is not cross-platform. This means that players on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch cannot play together in multiplayer mode. However, the game does support cross-generation play, allowing players on PlayStation 4 to play with those on PlayStation 5, and Xbox One players to join games with Xbox Series X/S users.

While many players have expressed their desire for cross-platform support in Call of the Wild, others have raised concerns about potential disadvantages, such as the impact of hackers and cheaters on PC platforms.

Adding Friends Between Epic Games and Steam

Even though TheHunter: Call of the Wild does not officially support cross-platform play, there is a workaround for PC players using different game distribution platforms like Epic Games and Steam. By creating an Apex account on the Apex Connect website (, players can add friends and invite them to their games, regardless of the platform they’re using.Apex Connect Avalanche Studios

Pros and Cons of Cross-Platform Play

Cross-platform gaming offers several advantages, such as a larger player base and the ability to play with friends on different platforms. However, it also has some potential drawbacks, such as balancing issues between different platforms and increased exposure to cheating and hacking in games, especially when PC players are involved.


  • Larger player base: Cross-platform play expands the pool of players, making it easier to find matches and reducing waiting times for multiplayer games.
  • Playing with friends: Gamers can team up and play with their friends, regardless of the platform they use, fostering a more social gaming experience.
  • Increased longevity of games: A larger player base can help maintain the popularity of a game, extending its lifespan and improving its online community.


  • Balancing issues: Differences in hardware and control schemes between platforms can make it challenging to ensure a balanced and fair gaming experience for all players.
  • Cheating and hacking: PC platforms are more susceptible to hacking and cheating, which could negatively impact the experience for console players in cross-platform games.
  • Technical challenges: Developing and maintaining cross-platform compatibility can be complex and resource-intensive for game developers, potentially delaying updates or improvements.

Final Words

While TheHunter: Call of the Wild does not currently support cross-platform play, it does offer cross-generation compatibility and a workaround for PC players using Epic Games and Steam platforms. By understanding the pros and cons of cross-platform gaming, we hope this comprehensive guide has provided valuable information to help you make the most of your Call of the Wild gaming experience.

TheHunter Call of the Wild,


Is TheHunter: Call of the Wild available on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, TheHunter: Call of the Wild is available on Nintendo Switch. However, it does not support cross-platform play, meaning that Switch players can only play with other Switch users.

Does TheHunter: Call of the Wild support cross-progression?

Currently, TheHunter: Call of the Wild does not support cross-progression. This means that players cannot transfer their in-game progress, items, or achievements between different platforms or console generations.

Is Call of the Wild cross-platform between PC and PlayStation or Xbox?

No, Call of the Wild does not support cross-platform play between PC and console platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox. The game does, however, support cross-generation play within the same console family (e.g., PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S).

Will TheHunter: Call of the Wild introduce cross-platform play in the future?

As of now, there are no official announcements from the developers about adding cross-platform support to TheHunter: Call of the Wild. However, with the growing popularity of cross-platform gaming, it is always possible that they may consider adding this feature in the future.

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