Crypto currencies and online gambling are a match made in heaven, with many online casinos allowing Bitcoin deposits and wagers. This is the most popular of all types of digital money and over the years it has endured in spite of the occasional dips in price and profitability. Bitcoin investors might be disappointed in the manner in which the price swung, but casino fans are surely excited. There are more online gambling operators to choose from than ever before, offering bonuses and exclusive deals to their new crypto currency depositors.

Privacy Has Propelled Bitcoin to Stardom

There were many reasons why Bitcoin was accepted by some online slot sites like and instantly embraced my players. At the top of the list, we have privacy, since crypto currency deposits and transactions are transparent, yet anonymous. This powerful combination is extremely important for punters, who want to have their transactions safe while maintaining privacy. Initially, only a few casinos have added Bitcoin on the list of accepted deposits, but today there are gambling operators that only accept such deposits.

The risk of losing customers because of denying deposits in crypto currencies has determined gambling operators to expand the list of payment methods. Bitcoin is particularly popular in countries where Internet gambling is either unregulated or illegal. Local banks and financial institutions are not allowed to accept deposits for gambling purposes, which leaves players with few acceptable options. Cryptocurrency deposits make perfect sense under these circumstances, as they allow them to play on real money.

The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act came long before crypto currencies were created, but this law acted as a catalyst for their popularity. American punters have several US-friendly gambling sites that accept Bitcoin deposits in a secure and transparent environment. Setting up a crypto currency wallet isn’t terribly difficult and punters who are motivated enough will have no problem in opening an account. There are plenty of Bitcoin exchanges where traditional currency can be converted into digital money.

The Perks Of Provable Fair Games

One of the unique advantages of Bitcoin gambling is that players can enjoy the thrills of provably fair games. This is the ultimate form of transparency in Internet gaming, as it allows punters to verify the outcome and confirm true randomness. It is on par with live dealer table games in terms of fairness, as it does away with the random number generator and algorithms. It renders the risks of online casinos manipulating the outcome virtually irrelevant and brings the much-needed peace of mind.

Choosing a fair online casino site is still essential, even when betting Bitcoin, but this adds yet another layer of security. The growing number of crypto currency friendly casinos indicates the fact that players are still excited by the prospect of gambling Bitcoin. This is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future and we only expect the popularity of the main crypto currency and the altcoins to grow.

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