Is Back 4 Blood split screen? This question is on the minds of many gamers looking for a great cooperative experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the current state of split-screen play in Back 4 Blood, dive into the reasons behind its absence, and discuss potential updates that could bring this beloved feature back. So, let’s get started!

Back 4 Blood Split Screen: Current State

As of now, Back 4 Blood does not have a split-screen co-op. Many players have expressed disappointment over the lack of this feature, as it was a popular aspect of previous games in the genre. The developers, Turtle Rock Studios, have not yet addressed the possibility of adding split-screen functionality in future updates.

Why Is Split-Screen Co-Op a Dying Practice?

Split-screen co-op has been a staple of gaming for many years, particularly in the days of couch multiplayer. However, in recent times, this feature has seen a decline in popularity. One reason is the shift towards online multiplayer experiences.

As gaming has become more connected, the demand for local split-screen co-op has diminished. Additionally, the rise of powerful gaming hardware has led developers to focus on enhancing graphics and performance, often at the expense of split-screen capabilities.

Resource Demands and Modern Gaming

Another factor contributing to the decline of split-screen co-op is the resource demands of modern games. Running a game with split-screen functionality requires the system to render multiple instances of the game environment simultaneously.

This can be particularly taxing on a console or PC, as it almost doubles the resource draw. As a result, developers must choose between prioritizing performance or offering split-screen support.

Potential Future Updates for Back 4 Blood Split Screen

While the current state of Back 4 Blood does not include split-screen co-op, it is not impossible for this feature to be added in future updates.

Developers may decide to prioritize split-screen functionality based on player feedback and demand. If the community continues to voice their desire for split-screen support, the developers might consider implementing it in a future patch or expansion.

Alternative Ways to Play Back 4 Blood with Friends

Even though Back 4 Blood lacks split-screen functionality, you can still enjoy the game with friends through online multiplayer. Players can team up and tackle the game’s challenges together using the game’s online co-op mode.

This mode allows players to connect and play together, regardless of their physical location. While it may not offer the same couch co-op experience that split-screen provides, online multiplayer is a viable alternative for those looking to share the fun of Back 4 Blood with friends.


In conclusion, while the Back 4 Blood split screen is not currently available, there is still hope that this feature may be added in the future if the community’s demand for it is strong enough.

Until then, players can enjoy the game’s online multiplayer mode as an alternative way to play Back 4 Blood with friends.


Does Back 4 Blood have a split-screen?

No, Back 4 Blood does not currently have a split-screen co-op option.

Will local split-screen ever be added?

It is uncertain whether a local split-screen will be added to Back 4 Blood in the future. However, if there is enough demand from the community and the developers decide to prioritize it, split-screen support may be added in a future update or expansion.

Can you play Back 4 Blood in a local split-screen?

No, you cannot play Back 4 Blood in local split-screen. The game currently only supports online multiplayer co-op.

Will Back 4 Blood have a split screen update?

There has been no official confirmation from the developers regarding a split-screen update for Back 4 Blood. However, if the community continues to express their desire for this feature, it could potentially be added in the future.

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