Is Ark crossplay a reality, or just a dream for gamers who want to enjoy Ark: Survival Evolved with friends on different platforms.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the topic of cross-platform compatibility for Ark, helping you understand how it works and how to make the most of it.

What is Ark: Survival Evolved?

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure survival game developed by Studio Wildcard.

Players are stranded on an island filled with various creatures, including dinosaurs, and must survive by gathering resources, crafting tools and weapons, building structures, and taming wild animals.

With both single-player and multiplayer modes available, Ark offers a thrilling experience for gamers of all skill levels.

Cross-Platform Support in Ark: Survival Evolved

Cross-platform support, also known as crossplay, allows players on different platforms (such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch) to play together in the same game.

This feature can greatly enhance the gaming experience, as it allows friends to play together regardless of their preferred platform. So, is Ark crossplay enabled?


Ark: Survival Evolved does support crossplay, but only for specific platform combinations. This means that not all players on different platforms can enjoy the game together.

In the next section, we’ll outline the various crossplay combinations that are currently available in Ark.

Ark Crossplay Combinations

Based on the information available and user experiences, here’s a breakdown of the crossplay options in Ark: Survival Evolved:

  • PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) – Players on Steam and Epic Games Store can enjoy crossplay together.
  • PC (Windows Store) and Xbox – The Windows Store version of Ark can crossplay with Xbox players.
  • Nintendo Switch and PlayStation – Unfortunately, crossplay is not available between Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms.
  • PlayStation and PC (Steam or Epic Games Store) – There is no crossplay support between PlayStation and PC players on either Steam or Epic Games Store.

To help you visualize these crossplay combinations, we have created a table:

Platform 1 Platform 2 Crossplay
PC (Steam) PC (Epic Games Store) Yes
PC (Windows Store) Xbox Yes
Nintendo Switch PlayStation No
PlayStation PC (Steam or Epic Games Store) No

What If I Want to Play ARK with My Friend Who Has a Different Platform?

Unfortunately, you may face limitations depending on the platforms you and your friend use. As mentioned earlier, there are only specific cross-platform compatibilities:

  • Steam and Epic Games Store
  • Windows 10 Store and Xbox

If you and your friend use different platforms that are not compatible, you won’t be able to play together. However, it is important to keep an eye on updates from the developers, as they may expand cross-platform capabilities in the future.


In conclusion, ARK: Survival Evolved offers limited crossplay support. Steam and Epic Games Store players can play together, while Windows 10 Store and Xbox players can also join the same servers.

Other platform combinations, such as PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices, are not currently supported for cross-platform play.

Stay updated with the latest news from the developers to learn about any potential expansions in ARK’s crossplay capabilities in the future.


Will the Cross Platform or Crossplay Feature Expand in ARK: Survival Evolved?

As of now, there is no official statement from the developers about expanding cross-platform features in ARK: Survival Evolved.

However, the gaming industry is continuously evolving, and developers may choose to add more crossplay support in the future.

It is essential to stay updated with news and announcements from the developers to learn about any possible expansions in cross-platform play.

Is ARK Crossplay Mobile and PC?

No, ARK does not support crossplay between mobile and PC platforms.

The mobile version of ARK, called ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, is a separate game with unique features and updates, designed specifically for mobile devices.

Mobile players can only play with other mobile players.

What Consoles Can You Play ARK On?

ARK: Survival Evolved is available on various platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Each platform has its unique player base, and not all platforms support crossplay.

Make sure to check the compatibility list mentioned earlier in this article to know which platforms can play together.

Is ARK Crossplay Android and iOS?

Yes, ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile supports crossplay between Android and iOS devices. Mobile players can join the same servers and play together, regardless of the operating system on their devices.

Will ARK Be Cross-Platform in 2023?

As of now, there is no official information about any changes to ARK’s cross-platform support in 2023. The current cross-platform compatibilities are Steam and Epic Games Store, and Windows 10 Store and Xbox.

Keep an eye on updates from the developers for any announcements about changes to cross-platform support.

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