Gone are the days when the intranet was simply a place to put all ad-hoc communication and old documents that couldn’t be deleted – the new generation of intranet software offers multiple, exciting tools to increase productivity such as team collabs and employee engagement. The right one for your business can take you ahead of the competition and offer some serious benefits.

The Technicalities

Some of the most important technical features that a new- generation intranet can offer in terms of new, out-of-the-box solutions include:

1. User Experience

This is best understood in terms of ease of use that intranet software solutions can provide. The lack of needing any technical expertise to use it, and ease of use by HR personals or the team for internal communications are the main benefits. It can be set-up in a matter of weeks along with training everyone on the team, and it can completely eradicate the need for third-party expertise, making it all an in house process. The best of best UX also offers 24×7 technical support through a team of experts.

2. Management

The next best part is the ease of management – the best company for intranet software will offer next-gen solutions that can be easily upgraded, along with user-friendly maintenance and support. It is a viable option for companies that do-not prefer outsourcing, as it provides an in- house infrastructure that can be used by all employees. The multi-tiered securities and permissions required means that the software can be used by employees from different levels, while the active directory authentication adds another layer of protection. These types of software also run quickly and require no downtime to process and give results.

The Employee Engagement Platform

Productivity is key for smooth operations in any company, and employee engagement is the first step in this. In fact, it is the top priority in many forward-thinking companies. This means that offering a digital workplace that helps employees self-start and propels the workflow, encouraging creativity as well as productivity. This can help people find what they need, collaborate with the team efficiently, understand the company culture, and be driven for better results. Good intranet software can change the game for a company.


Collaboration, particularly effective, high-quality collaborations are key factors in propelling a competitive edge in innovation. It is not easy to create this culture but is essential for growth. With the right people using the right tools, one can create a solid sharing space. A great intranet solution is the best way forward as it makes it easy for everyone to access documents, share facts, and discuss ideas and have conversations.

Reducing The Emails

A social channel using intranet software solutions can help drive topic-based communications and keep everyone on the same page. It makes it possible to exchange ideas and tips in real-time, in a coherent, indexed, and easily searchable manner. It increases transparency in communications and blocks loopholes of generic communication methods.

Easy Collaborations

By reducing emails and having a transparent communications system, employees can increase productivity. It is easy to move away from traditional emailing and increase team collaboration by creating a secure, private space on an intranet platform. It can be easily transformed into a cloud-

based space to deliver results, brainstorm, share ideas and data, relay sensitive information and make the work move forward continuously.

Transforming HR methods through the use of new-age software is a necessity to make things go ahead. This helps HR professionals move away from generic administrative tasks and data collection and work towards better productivity. ‘

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