Innovative technology can enable businesses to improve efficiency and reduce expenses while increasing profits. Both inbound and outbound call centers have benefited from technological developments designed to provide usable data that businesses can use to streamline and monitor operations. As the technology evolves, call centers can anticipate integrating new software and systems in 2019 that will continue to alter and improve the way call centers function.

Predictive Dialers 

It is possible for companies to use a software contact dialer or buy a piece of hardware to perform this function. Whichever option a business chooses, the end results are the same. Predictive dialers are designed specifically to continue placing outgoing calls, and would be used by outbound call centers. They have specific features that enable them to distinguish between answering machines and an actual human. This means that the live agents will not be connected to a machine instead of a person, enabling them to be available for personal interaction with prospective or existing clients over losing time leaving messages.

Due to the fact that agents don’t lose time with answering machines or waiting for calls that aren’t answered, they are able to maximize their time spent on engaging with people, which improves their productivity. Predictive dialers can also be programmed to track call times to ensure that no calls are placed outside of permitted times, since call centers must follow state regulations. They are also designed to ensure that numbers on the Do Not Call list are not contacted. Users can even update the call lists automatically, saving time and ensuring that all agents have access to the most up-to-date information immediately.

Artificial Intelligence 

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the call center landscape dramatically. AI has evolved to function as an interactive resource for call agents. This means that when an agent is on the phone, the AI can help them gather client data and evaluate client input. Since AI systems can perform multiple tasks simultaneously, call center AI can gather data from multiple online sources so that they have a more complete picture of the client and their needs and concerns.

Call center AI systems are designed to use all of this information to guide agents so that they provide the most helpful response possible when interacting with people on the phone. This is another time-saving technology, because agents will not lose time trying to locate relevant information. Another benefit is assisting agents with the best possible course of action to propose or relevant information to provide to satisfy the client as quickly as possible. AI is helping take the guesswork out of addressing client issues, which ultimately helps improve client satisfaction, making call center AI systems indispensable.

Cloud Communications

Not all agents who handle inbound or outbound calls work in the same location. In many cases, a company may have a number of call centers around the country or even the world. Other agents may even work from home. Cloud communications play a significant role in connecting agents, whether they’re in the next cubicle, room, or a different state or country. Agents can share information in real time, instantaneously. For example, top answering services companies use this type of technology.

Cloud systems are allowing call centers to save money because they do not need to have the infrastructure in place to store data in multiple locations. They are also ensuring that clients have multiple options for addressing their needs; those who want to chat can be directed to that option while those that wish to speak to someone can connect to a live agent. They also save companies time and money by reducing wait times for required data, since all agents have access to the same information in real time. Staff are able to have virtual meetings and real-time communication as needed, no matter where they are. As more companies transfer to cloud systems, they will improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately improve profits.

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