Introduction and its Features.

Imginn is an online video downloader that helps users quickly and easily download videos from Instagram. Its free-to-use, simple user interface, with just a few clicks, can help you save your favorite videos right on your device in various formats such as mp4, m3 u8, and mp3.

But despite the user convenience of Imginn, it has its limitations, from users downloading videos from both Instagram’s mobile & web app versions to crashing unexpectedly. Hence we have compiled 15 powerful and cost-effective alternatives that will offer you superior video download experiences on any device or browser.

These popular services provide various features such as batch downloading, multiple formats capabilities for easy conversion with traffic optimization for high-speed downloads etc. All these online tools are free to use with unlimited video downloading potential.

13 Top Alternatives to Imginn for Downloading Instagram Videos.


Fullinsta is one of the best and most reliable services that enable users to download live-streamed or posted videos from any user’s account on Instagram, regardless of privacy settings. For private accounts, you simply need to log in to your own account, and the website will automatically detect it, providing direct download links. With easy to use & user-friendly interface plus countless advantages, Fullinsta is a great substitute that’s worth checking out!


ingrMAM makes downloading Instagram videos easier with features such as batch-downloading functionality suited for those who wish to save multiple 1080p 2K HD videos at once. It also offers convenience by enabling downloads for videos up to 5 minutes without having to install an app – plus various sites such as Twitter and Dailymotion are also supported! is a fast, reliable & convenient way to get your favorite Instagram video by just copying & pasting the link of any particular post into its search bar and then clicking enter. It is easy with very simple navigation, which even beginners can get the hang of. In addition, it also offers multiple filter options and download quality options to really ensure that you get access to all the details and advantages desired from a video downloading service!

Instaoffline is an excellent web-based platform optimized for desktop & mobile browsers enabling users to easily save videos into their device with just a few simple clicks – plus, its neat user interface helps users navigate effortlessly even with minimal knowledge. And not only Instagram; it also supports other popular websites such as Facebook and YouTube, proving itself to be a great alternative to Imginn!

InstagramDownloader is an innovative online platform that enables users to instantly save high-quality videos without having any of the unnecessary restrictions imposed by some prominent downloaders – plus, their user-friendly advanced technology interfaces can swiftly pick out even private account posts, offering you a hassle-free downloading experience!

Instawload is the perfect solution for those who want to save multiple videos from Instagram in just one click, as it offers secure & fast downloads with its stable bandwidth, making sure that you get your desired content without any difficulty or disruption. It provides various resolution options according to user’s preferences ranging from HD 1080p up to 4K resolution – an advantage that no other platform can provide!


InstaVideosDownloader is an ideal platform for downloading Instagram videos with lots of features such as the ability to download multiple videos, photos and stories at once, plus a user-friendly interface providing a safe & secure environment even while you’re offline or drunk! Finally, its advanced technology can do more than just save single posts as it allows saving entire pages/posts in one click – an option that Imginn does not provide.

InstaView is an incredible online platform allowing simultaneous downloads from multiple accounts as well as complete stories within seconds- no more waiting in line! Its real-time notifications also help you to stay informed on the latest posts without constantly having to check your Instagram page – thus making it a very user-friendly & convenient tool – plus with its numerous filters, users can easily find the content they want.

W3toys is a secure service offering an easy and reliable way to save videos from your Instagram page – even with the slowest internet connection! It helps provide a total of 4K resolution video downloads which are compatible with any device or browser, allowing users a worry-free experience with downloading files right at their comfort zone. In addition, it also gives users the ability to save and list down their favorite posts in their favorite lists. No matter what kind of content or format they are working with, W3toys has everything covered!

InstaGrab is one impressive online video downloader that offers a tool-free service, so no process of complicated code writing & installation, which make it easier even for casual users who have little knowledge about computers and technology! One great advantage that introduces Instagrab from the other contenders is its ability to convert videos downloaded from Instagram into shapes like squares, circles or hearts – giving a creative twist to your stories!


SaveFromWeb is a reliable & secure platform trusted by countless users daily as it ensures high-speed downloads with immediate availability; plus offers advanced features such as 1080p HD video quality, which even Imginn may not support. This service helps users quickly save their favorite stories, and you can also select various video qualities, such as MOV and M4V, for a hassle-free downloading experience!

DownloadInstaGramVideos offers real-time notification from all the latest posts of your friends or followers, plus it’s extremely user-friendly & easy, which even beginners will be able to understand how to use quickly – no need for long codes that take forever to decipher! This makes their downloads effortless since no third-party app installation is required.


InstaSave is a fast & safe downloader that also provides various features, such as being able to save stories with shortcut links, and scaling according to the user’s device window size plus, it even offers a premium feature that enables you to watch instructional video tutorials so users can fully utilize its numerous benefits. With all its features, you can save any content with ease.

What is imginn?

ImgInn is a web-based platform for downloading Instagram videos – it has been around for quite some time. However, it does not offer many features as compared to other platforms mentioned above, such as HD 1080p quality resolution, etc. Despite its drawbacks, ImgInn serves the purpose of saving simple files from social media websites like Facebook & Twitter without much challenge or difficulty.

Imginn Not Working? Explained

Sometimes, of ImgInn does not work due to its outdated technology or technical issues beyond user control, such as bad internet connection & server malfunctioning etc. To avoid this kind of issue from happening in the first place, it is recommended that you use the reliable alternatives listed above for a smooth and secure downloading experience!

Imginn FAQs

1. What content can be downloaded from ImgInn?

ImgInn supports the downloading of videos, pictures, and stories directly from Instagram on both mobile and web app platforms. However, it does not support other host sites such as Facebook or YouTube etc., yet all these social media websites are supported through its alternative services mentioned above.

2. Is there a restriction in video length for ImgInn?

No, there are currently no Limits on video length when using any form of content through the ImgInn platform. Any post can be downloaded regardless of its size and duration.

3. Does using Imginn require extra charges?

Nope! It is completely free to use without adware or hidden costs incurred whatsoever – users have unrestricted access to download unlimited videos.

4. Can I save videos that are not posted on my personal account?

Yes, as long as you have permission to view the videos or pictures, ImgInn will allow users to download them using their copied link – so make sure no one’s internet privacy is at risk! Additionally, all 15 alternatives mentioned above also offer this service but with some added features & support for other social media websites such as Facebook or YouTube.

5. What are the best alternatives to ImgInn?

The 15 powerful yet cost-effective services that can be used as replacements for Imginn include Fullinsta, Ingrmam, Instadownloader, Instavideosdownloader and many more – they provide great features along with automatic notifications & traffic optimization, ensuring a fast, reliable downloading experience without having to install any extra app!

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