Do you want more options than watching movies and TV shows on IFVOD? Sit back and relax, in this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the best alternatives available online.

    On top of these helpful reviews, we’ve even included a few key details such as what is IFVOD? why isn’t it working sometimes? And finally, a few FAQs so that you can have the best viewing experience possible.


    22 Websites Like IFVOD For Free Movies In 2024



    14TV.COM is a video-on-demand streaming service, offering popular movies and tv series at an affordable price with no commercials or hidden fees associated with it.

    It has both free and paid content that includes all major genres of movies and shows from your country as well as international Netflix originals.

    Also, it’s advertising-free and non-subscription-based. The video quality and sound are high-definition and super simple to operate.

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    1905.COM is an online platform offering Chinese movies and TV shows for free or with a paid monthly subscription plan (VIP Daka). It also offers short films, web series home videos as well as classic Hollywood blockbusters with both HD 720p & 1080p resolutions supported.

    The user-friendly interface of the website and app makes it easy for viewers to make their selections, as well as bookmark favorite content, or even play soundtracks in multiple languages.

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    Kissasian is an incredible platform for Asian movie lovers. It offers a wide selection of movies, easy accessibility, subtitles, and personalized recommendations.

    It’s a fantastic way to explore different cultures, enjoy great storytelling, and have a movie theater experience from the comfort of your own home. So grab some popcorn and start discovering the wonderful world of Asian cinema with Kissasian.

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    1POINT3ACRES is a platform that offers a wide variety of movie and TV series streaming services with both free&paid subscription plans available depending on your region.

    It also has a mobile application (Android & iOS) that makes it easier to watch movies and shows on your smartphone, tablet or computer. On this website, you can access HD videos in multiple languages with subtitles available as well.

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    6ParkNews is a Chinese video-on-demand streaming service hosting popular Chinese films and TV series from both China and abroad.

    It provides several subscription plans that come with different features such as a commercial-free watching experience, fast-speed streaming, and a large library of popular titles.

    The service also allows viewing on many platforms & devices and provides subtitles in various languages as per the viewer’s preference.

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    91Mjw is an online content platform that offers high-quality HD video streams with bilingual support (in English and Chinese).

    It has over 500 categories of videos including selective TV episodes, series programs, cartoons etc; all provided by different movie producers and studios.

    It allows users to watch their selection on desktops, tablets or mobile phones without any buffering problems and also provides high-definition screens with two different resolutions – HD & 4K streaming options available

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    Bilibili is a Chinese online video platform that focuses heavily on user-generated content (UGC). Used by over 200 million registered users, it’s the most updated entertainment channel in China providing diverse TV series, anime, web shows and many more with subtitles available in multiple languages.

    It also provides live streaming options for users to follow their favorite movies & shows and interact with the online community.

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    CareerEngine is an easy-to-use website that helps job seekers connect and find the right career fit for them using a comprehensive set of tools including cloud-sourcing solutions, expert industry advice from influencers and mentors, customised job recommendations and in-depth profiles to gauge their suitability.

    It provides access to thousands of jobs in technology, engineering, finance, sales marketing and many more with up-to-date listings in all areas across the US.

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    Dnvod tv

    Dnvod tv is a Chinese live-streaming website offering high-definition (HD) streaming services including movies original documentaries & variety shows that are suitable for people over age 18 or above only.

    It has different subscription plans & pricing depending on the type of content you wish to watch and supports multiple devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast and PlayStation.

    Also, it provides a 24/7 customer service team in case any technical or related queries occur while using the website or app.

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    Dnvod info is another Chinese streaming platform that houses many popular movies and TV shows from both Chinese as well international production houses. It also provides live streaming services for some content with 24/7 customer support.

    The highest quality of video and audio playback is assured, as well users can watch the same program from multiple devices. And since the website is not restricted to any particular region or language, it allows the viewers to enjoy their favorite shows anytime anywhere

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    Doobuku tv

    Duboku tv offers an on-demand streaming service in which a fee will be charged for the content consumed. It features various genres, Chinese & international movie releases as well as independent films and original programs that are sure to captivate its viewers.

    It also has a great selection of movies from all around the world with a reliable server hosting system so there are no buffering or streaming issues while watching any show/movie on it.

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    Duonao cc

    Duonao cc is an online video platform serving both domestic TV shows, movies, and foreign series.

    It covers a wide range of genres like Drama, Action, Romance and comedy with instant streaming support for over thirty countries along with subbing in many different languages within a few minutes after the broadcast time.

    Also, it has some exclusive content that can only be seen on its website or app not found elsewhere.

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    Dy 2018 is one of the leading online video platforms providing tremendous Chinese TV shows titles to watch. Here you will find hundreds of classic Chinese dramas, TV series & documentaries along with other Asian content as well such as Korean Drama and more.

    It provides a superb viewing experience even without registering for an account also it supports multiple devices like smart TVs.

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    Iyf TV

    Iyf TV is an online streaming platform that covers Movies from around the globe including some regional content in various languages.

    Also, it offers to stream movies, documentaries, cartoons and web series in both HD 720p & 1080p quality with a subscription plan but also provides free content for those who don’t want to spend.

    It offers various other features like DVR control and subtitles available on some titles with multiple language selections.

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    Miolive tv

    Miolive tv is an online streaming platform focused mainly on TV Shows from Korea and Asia region as well focusing extensively on Japanese Dramas/Series.

    It has an active working forum for discussions about the latest show releases and various other content-related topics.

    The streaming quality is HD resolution also free account holders can watch some exclusive shows from regional broadcasters/producers with subtitles in English.

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    Mitbbs com

    Mitbbs com is an online community platform providing vast amounts of discussion forums on countless topics ranging from current events to technical issues, job boards & hobbies which attract 30 million total users every month.

    It is also packed with Book Reviews/Movie recommendations, Shopping & Education along as many other interactive functions backed up by an Experienced Moderator team.

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    Olatv dot net is a Chinese streaming service focusing mainly on providing movies and tv shows from the region with some international content available to its viewers.

    It offers both free & paid subscription plans for those who wish to have premium access and allows mobile users to use 3G or wifi hotspots while streaming.

    With a subscription, you get added benefits such as an ad-free watching environment, cloud storage and other exciting new features during the latest version of the platform.

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    Opevod tv is one of the most renowned streaming sites in China offering top-quality TV shows & movies with subtitles available in English & Chinese language options.

    It’s free to access but if you wish to have access to premium features, there is an affordable monthly viewing plan that can be subscribed to.

    There is some really great content available from this site including overwhelming amounts of drama and web series.

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    Overleaf – a Collaborative Writing & Publishing Tool is an online platform that allows you to collaborate in real- time with team members while working on projects, writing papers or any other document-related tasks.

    It works perfectly well with the popular LaTeX software offering easy access to editors with different levels of expertise in this field.

    It is designed for making the research and drafting process quick, secure & efficient by empowering teams around the world

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    Pangzitv dot com is an online video streaming platform specialized in providing Japanese dramas/movies and certain web series along with some other international content as well. The website has a wide selection of titles including all famous shows loved by fans of the genre.

    Also, users can watch their favorite shows or movies on different devices and it supports HD resolutions with subtitles available in some titles.

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    Qdramas dot net is a Chinese streaming service offering multiple genres including anime, fantasy & Sci-Fi with high-speed servers and a super simple navigation system even for new visitors/users.

    It offers 1000+ TV series & 10000+ hot movie clips with full HD resolution support & fast loading videos without any buffering issues.

    It also provides a wide range of scheduling choices and updates new episodes frequently to give its users the latest information about ongoing dramas/series.

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    Xiaohongshu is an online community for style-savvy individuals who wish to share, discuss or simply know more about fashion-related topics such as beauty tips, trends and product reviews.

    Not only this but here you can get helpful advice from professionals in the industry or interact with like-minded people, and new fashion items and even order them via mobile app.

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    What is IFVOD?

    IFVOD stands for “International Federation Video On Demand”, it’s a web-based platform offering online streaming services of Movies & TV Series.

    It offers both regular subscription plans as well as premium packages where users can have access to download content in HD quality. It provides various genres, including but not limited to drama, fantasy, horror and many more.

    IFVOD Not Working? Explained

    It could be just a small issue/glitch with your setup or internet connection that is causing IFVOD to not work properly. Try changing the settings of your web browser by going into its Tools → Internet Options → Advanced tab & then resetting it.

    Or check if there are any new updates available as websites/applications tend to upgrade their content and server almost daily, this could trigger something that may affect the playback quality or streaming speed.


    Q1: Does IFVOD support an external device such as TVs & Chromecast?

    Yes, it does, you can AirPlay your selection to a tv set via Apple 4th Generation + with audio support and Chromecast devices 2nd+ generation as well.

    Q2: Is the content available in my region?

    It depends on what type of subscription plan you have, If you are subscribed to a basic package then it’s likely that some TV Shows and movies may not be available but with premium service from IFVOD, all the titles in the video library can be accessed by anybody no matter which country they belong too.

    Q3: What format is used to store files/movies on IFVOD?

    All movies and TV Shows are encoded in MP4 format which makes them compatible with most devices that support running 1080p resolutions. Also, subtitles support is available for those who need it when watching their selections.

    Q4: Can I access it without creating an account?

    Yes, you can watch some general content without making any kind of registration with IFVOD but if you want to get access to premium content like recent movies and TV Shows, then it’s recommended to create an account that will be needed during the payment process.

    Q5: Is there a limit on how much I can watch?

    There are no restriction of video viewing limits in IFVOD nor any added extra fees even if you’re subscribed to premium packages as well but keep in mind if device memory (soft or hard disk) has reached its maximum storage capacity then that might slow down the streaming speed while airing your selection.

    Q6: Is parental control available?

    Yes, there is an option to enable the Parental Control feature which can be found under the Settings → Preferences panel. This helps in restricting certain shows or movies from appearing on the main page or on your playlist history depending upon your choice and preferences.

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