In 2024, streaming platforms are expected to be more powerful and essential than ever. It is becoming increasingly clear that a combination of high-quality streaming services will no longer be sufficient to meet the increasing needs of millions of TV viewers worldwide.

The good news is that many great alternatives can provide an enjoyable viewing experience, and they do not need to break the bank. If you’re looking for a new streaming platform after iFunTV, here are 15 excellent choices to make your life easier in 2024.


Top 16 iFunTV Alternatives [2024 Updated]



Viki is a global entertainment video site with content from all over the world. It offers high-quality videos that members of its vast community base have subtitled. This platform’s interface makes it easy for beginners to watch and understand foreign dramas and movies, many of which are free.



YouTube is an obvious choice when it comes to streaming videos all around the world. It allows users to embed content through code and provides a platform for people to create their channels to upload professional-level video reviews, news programs, and more. With over 1 billion active monthly users, it’s safe to say YouTube will be here indefinitely.



WeTv is a relatively new streaming platform that allows users to watch movies and dramas from around the world for free. The content comes in high-definition and regular-definition quality, making it an ideal choice for most viewers.



Seesantv is a popular Thai TV channel streaming platform that brings entertainment right to your fingertips. It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and live broadcasts on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

With Seesantv, you can enjoy a wide variety of content, including exciting dramas, hilarious comedies, and thrilling action-packed movies. It’s like having a portable TV that you can take with you wherever you go!

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Mango TV:

Mango TV

MangoTV offers an appealing combination of domestic and international feature films and television series on its website. It also has several original shows featured on its site, catching on faster than ever.

Tencent Video:

Tencent Video

Tencent Video is one of China’s most extensive streaming services, with over a billion active users, and it continues to grow yearly. This service provides a bunch of both domestic content as well as international titles from studios such as Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures.



Youku stands out for its wide selection of Chinese drama series produced by significant production companies based in Beijing, Shanghai and other parts of the country. All watchable presentations are free across different devices.



Bilibili is one of Asia’s most popular streaming platforms, allowing users to access an exciting combination of videos ranging from pop culture and gaming content to educational materials. The video catalog provides many shows such as “The Xiyou Series,” “Mermaid Fish,” and more.



Fall drama allows you to watch thousands of dramas from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China and South Korea for free. It also offers a wide selection of videos from variety shows and cultural exhibitions, which makes it the perfect platform to catch up with all the latest trends in Asian media.



Kiss asian is a popular website that provides access to a vast library of Korean dramas, movies, and anime series without leaving your home or paying any subscription fee. The site offers an interactive forum where users can discuss topics related to their favorite genres in detail.



LeTV is one of Asia’s oldest and most popular streaming platforms, offering users live broadcasting options and movies, dramas, and other feature films from China. With special filters for different age groups that help protect children viewers from inappropriate content, it’s no surprise why this platform continues to shine today.



iQiyi is a combination of both an online video streamer and movie theatre ticket vendor that provide thousands of Chinese film titles on its website. With original short series and variety shows, iQiyi is becoming one of the most popular platforms for accessing quality entertaining resources worldwide.



OnDemandCina consists of two streaming services: ChineseVOD and KVideoManiacs, that offer a wide selection of movies from Asian countries like China, Japan, and South Korea, with more than 3000 titles available for watch online or download.



DramaCool offers many quality drama series, including Taiwanese shows and short films. It also offers many classic and modern Japanese dramas with English translations for easy comprehension by foreign viewers.



Drama3S is an excellent website that provides access to thousands of Chinese television shows from the past until now without any registration or subscription fees required. The variety goes from regular epics and costume comedies to documentaries about diverse aspects of life in China during the different historical eras.



NewAsianTV is a great site that offers access to both legal as well as unofficial sources of thousands of drama series and movies from South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia,` and Singapore in high-definition format for free. The user interface makes you feel inside the TV screen with its simple grey tones ahead of the backgrounds.

What is iFunTV?

iFunTV is an online streaming platform owned by FUNimation Entertainment, specializing in Japanese animation. It started as a pay-per-view platform for Funimation’s anime and has since expanded to include more genres, such as Korean dramas, movies, sports, and music videos.

iFunTV Not Working? Explained

iFunTV is a streaming service mainly famous among the anime lovers community. Still, in general, it offers an immense array of shows, both international and local, at no cost at all. However, due to various reasons like connectivity issues or copyright restrictions, sometimes users may find that some of their favorite shows are unavailable or the whole service stopped working.

This can be frustrating, but most problems can be easily fixed simply by following a few steps. In conclusion, iFunTV is a fantastic streaming service that has something for everyone. Although it’s not without its faults and glitches occasionally, the high-quality content and ease of use make it one of the top streaming sites today. With such a wide variety of alternatives as those listed above, viewers will surely find an option that works best for their needs!

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your streaming possibilities and maximize your digital entertainment experience in 2024.


Q: Is iFunTV free?

A: All content offered on iFunTV is free and does not require any payment or subscription fee.

Q: Can I watch international content on iFunTV?

A: Absolutely! iFunTV offers domestic and international shows in various languages so everyone can find something to watch.

Q: Does iFunTV offer any live-streaming options?

A: Yes, they do offer a few limited free live-stream options. However, some require specific app downloads or payment plans before accessing them.

Q: Are there parental controls on iFunTV?

A: Yes, the platform provides age-specific filters which allow you to limit the content that children can access. This way, parents can ensure their little ones are not exposed to inappropriate material.

Q: What is the best way to watch iFunTV?

A: The most popular option for watching iFunTV would be through a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, and interfaces may differ depending on which one you use. Alternatively, streaming directly from your mobile device through specific app downloads that might be necessary to do so is also possible.

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