In recent years, more and more people and industries have become aware of the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as a whole.

As the technology continues to grow, it is likely to have a massive impact on how the world does business.

In particular, the world of digital marketing will need to adapt to a world where blockchain is king. So then, how is blockchain likely to affect small business digital marketing and the internet?

Increased Transparency

At the moment, if you see an advertisement on your social media feed or search engine results it can sometimes be very difficult to figure out who is paying for the ad and why they are doing so. This is especially the case for attack ads or politically motivated ads.

However, in a world where monetary transactions are carried out in a blockchain ledger, the ad buyer’s information would be publicly available for all to see.

Whether or not this is a good thing will be highly dependent on exactly what you are trying to advertise.

More Accurate Data

The accuracy of data from your company’s website can sometimes be a little hit or miss. Though it can provide you with some useful information, it can also be subject to inaccuracies and small sample sizes.

In a blockchain based future, you would have access to much more accurate information. This is because you would have access to massive sample sizes that would allow you to study any information you could possibly want.

Remember, blockchain information is publicly available, so you could theoretically have access to anonymized data from just about every site and campaign in the world.

This will allow you to much more accurately create and curate your own marketing strategies.

Improved Trust In Brands

In today’s world, hardly a day goes by where the news doesn’t report on a data breach or privacy violation from some of the world’s largest companies. This hurts the company’s reputation and causes customers to lose trust in the brand.

However, if all of this data were transferred to a blockchain system it would be almost impossible to hack.

Indeed, you would likely see data breaches reduced to almost zero. Over time, this will lead to customers regaining confidence and trust in brands.

It seems inevitable that blockchain will eventually play a huge role in how businesses and consumers interact with each other.

For the digital marketing industry, it is imperative to know what to expect when this happens. By knowing what to expect, it is that much easier to succeed in the new marketing climate.