In the competitive world of digital platforms and marketing budget-friendly success is all about who can get the most traffic to their site and then, having gained the user, convert them into a client. It is not an easy process and the truth is that you can have a killer website with all the bells and whistles, but if it is not easily discoverable then it is serving no purpose at all. So, how does one go about driving traffic and making sure that you stand out from the crowd? The truth is that it is not easy, but it can be done. Here are a few tips.


Don’t try to do it all yourself

The world of digital is a rapidly changing environment. In fact, it is changing so fast that it is really hard to keep up with things. It is hard to believe but little more than a decade ago and Facebook didn’t exist. Just over twenty years ago Google had just been founded. We have seen the rise of social media and smartphones, the emergence of artificial intelligence and countless other changes and innovations. If you try to stay on top of it all then you will very quickly lose focus on your day job. So, it is much better to partner with experts in the field and gets them to help with your digital needs. For a start, you can find an SEO agency Sydney has several you can choose from. Set up a meeting to explain your requirements and budget and take it from there. The point is, they know what they are doing, and you should start to see results quickly.

Buy traffic

Some people seem to think it is shameful or fail at SEO if traffic has to be bought. This really couldn’t be further from the truth. Google ads are a great place to acquire traffic and they are very budget-friendly as well. You should absolutely be playing in this space. In short, you buy key-words and when people search for these your ad will appear at the top of the search results list as a paid recommendation. This is charged on a Cost per Click basis which means you are only paying for, visits. And once you have a visit it is up to you to convert them in a buyer or a repeat visitor.

Work the touchpoints

You cannot rely on people to come to your website on their own; you need to nudge them regularly until it has become a part of their daily routine. So, how do you do this? Regular calls to action are the answer and this is something that can be done through channels like social media and via newsletters. In other words, as soon as a person comes to your site find ways to get them to follow you on social or to sign up for the newsletter. This could mean offering a discount on a purchase or some type of special privilege. The key though is getting their details. Once you have those you can stay in contact and remind them regularly with key calls to action, about why they should return to visit your site. 

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