How To View Instagram Stories Without Them Knowing

Instagram Stories offer a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the people we follow, from friends and family to industry influencers and even celebrities. 

This fleeting content can be a valuable source of inspiration, entertainment, or even competitive insights. However, there might be times when you’d prefer to observe these stories without leaving a trace.

It’s important to be upfront about limitations: Instagram prioritizes user privacy, and there currently isn’t a built-in feature for completely anonymous story viewing. That being said, we’ll discuss some options you might consider, keeping in mind that their effectiveness can vary.

This guide dives into various methods for viewing Instagram Stories discreetly. Remember, Instagram prioritizes user privacy, so there’s no guaranteed anonymity. However, we’ll explore some approaches you can consider, with a disclaimer that their effectiveness can vary.

How to View Instagram Stories Privately

Viewing Instagram Stories completely anonymously is currently not possible. Instagram prioritizes user privacy and doesn’t offer built-in methods for anonymous viewing. 

This guide will explore some options to consider, but it’s important to be aware of their limitations.

5 Surefire Methods to Assist Instagram Story Viewers

  • Try the Airplane Mode Method

The Airplane Mode trick is a simple and effective way to view Instagram Stories without letting the user know you’ve seen them. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Instagram App: Start by opening the Instagram app on your device and logging in to your account.
  • Activate Airplane Mode: Go to your device’s settings and turn on Airplane Mode, which disconnects your device from the internet, including Instagram’s servers.

Try the Airplane Mode Method

  • Access the Story: Go to the Instagram Story you want to see anonymously by tapping on the profile picture of the user.
  • Allow the Story to Load: Wait for the Story to fully load so you can access all the content.
  • View the Story: Watch the Story without worrying about triggering the “seen” notification because Airplane Mode keeps your device offline.
  • Close the Instagram App: Exit the Instagram app after viewing the Story to prevent recording your activity.
  • Disable Airplane Mode: Turn off Airplane Mode in your device settings to reconnect to the internet.

Following these steps allows you to view Instagram Stories without revealing your identity. The main point is that Airplane Mode interrupts the link between your device and Instagram’s servers, avoiding any “seen” notifications when watching someone’s Story.

Try using a third-party app instead.

  • Try using a third-party app instead

Third-party apps and websites promise anonymous Instagram Story viewing. However, it’s important to exercise caution. These tools may not function as advertised and could violate Instagram’s terms of service.  There are also potential risks to your privacy and device security.

If you choose to explore third-party options, prioritize your online safety.  Research user reviews and exercise caution. Remember, these tools might not deliver as promised and could violate Instagram’s terms of service.

The advantage of this approach is the flexibility to download and install various apps or software to access the platform. Here are some top Instagram Story viewer tools for private viewing:

  • InsCognito
  • Secretly Story Viewer
  • Insta Stories Viewer
  • InstaNavigation

Try using a third-party app instead

These third-party apps can be a great help for Instagram story viewers. However, it’s important to be cautious about security issues beforehand.

  • Create another Instagram account

Making a second Instagram account is a useful option for anonymously viewing Stories. You can follow desired accounts without them knowing it’s you.

Create another Instagram account

By doing this, you stay anonymous while enjoying Instagram Stories. Use a VPN or mobile data to create a new account from a different IP address to avoid detection by Instagram.

Remember to follow Instagram’s rules to prevent account issues. Once your new account is created, you can anonymously view Instagram Stories without any worries.

  • Swipe and view from nearby stories

Instead of tapping on the particular Instagram Story you wish to see, you can use a smart method by selecting the Story of a nearby account.

Instagram Stories are organized in a continuous sequence, making this approach effective.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Viewing the First Frame of the Next Account’s Story:
  • Rather than directly tapping the Story you’re curious about, swipe your finger left to see the first frame of the next account’s Story.
  • This allows you to glance at the initial Story without your username appearing in the “Seen by” list.
  • Thus, you can stay anonymous while still getting a preview of the content.

Swipe and view from nearby stories

  1. Viewing the Last Frame of a Story:
  • Likewise, to observe the last frame of an Instagram Story, tap the first Story of the next account, then lightly swipe right to return to the previous account’s final Story.
  • Keep in mind, though, that this approach lets you see only the first and last frames, excluding the middle ones.

This method allows you to view the start and finish of Instagram Stories without notifying the account owner. However, remember it has limitations and won’t show you all the middle frames of a Story.

  • Make a “Close Friends” List

Instagram provides a feature known as the “Close Friends” list, which aims to improve privacy by allowing users to share content exclusively with a select group of trusted friends. Here’s how it operates:

  • Establish Your “Close Friends” List: Start by compiling a customized list of Instagram users whom you regard as your closest and most trusted friends or connections. This list remains private, and no other users can see its members.

Make a "Close Friends" List

  • Exclusive Story Sharing: Instagram allows you to share Stories exclusively with your “Close Friends.” This means only the users you’ve added to this list can view these Stories, keeping them hidden from your wider audience.

Here’s how you can leverage this feature:

  • Anonymous Viewing: If you think someone has included you in their “Close Friends” list, you can watch their Stories without them knowing. Your username won’t show up in the “Seen by” list.
  • No Seen Notifications: Stories shared with your “Close Friends” won’t trigger the typical “seen” notifications, enabling anonymous viewing without notifying the Story poster.

Keep in mind that this technique depends on the other user adding you to their “Close Friends” list. Since not everyone utilizes this feature, it might not work for anonymously viewing all Instagram stories.

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