What exactly is Solana?

The open-source project Solana is implementing a new, powerful, permissionless blockchain. The Solana Foundation, with its main office in Geneva, Switzerland, looks after the open-source project. Read more about ‘how to add Solana to Metamask.’

It’s vital to remember that Metamask is not compatible with Solana even though many users are accustomed to using it to transmit cash or tokens on the Ethereum network. 

You can’t add Solana to Metamask because it has its own blockchain and isn’t yet EVM-compatible. Additionally, adding SOL to your Metamask would result in a loss of money. However, different wallets may be used to communicate with Solana, and Phantom is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a wallet that resembles Metamask in terms of appearance and feels. Here is how to transfer and receive Solana using the Phantom wallet:

  1. Visit https://phantom.app/ and select “Add to Chrome” (other browsers are supported by Phantom Wallet).
  2. If you have previously made an account, select utilize secret recovery phrase or create a new wallet. We are going to hit build new wallet since we are making a new wallet.
  3. Copy your personal recovery phrase, keep it in a secure location, and keep it to yourself at all times.
  4. After creating a password, click finish to finalize the procedure.
  5. The browser’s ghost icon should be clicked.
  6.  To send or receive Solana, use the send or receive button.

The ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 token standards on the Ethereum blockchain are comparable to the SPL token standard used by Solana. Tokens from Solana will be identified as ERC-20 tokens with the term “Wrapped” if you bridge them to Ethereum, despite the fact that Solana does not support ERC-20 tokens.

While Solana cannot be used directly with Metamask, certain users may utilize the Wormhole bridge to connect Solana coins to Ethereum. Remember that this may be a complicated procedure and that you should weigh the dangers before starting.

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