Being a freelancer means you need to adopt multiple hats that would typically have been filled by multiple people, in some cases, even a team of people. Thriving means building up a supportive environment that helps you do your best work, which you can do by following this guide.

Invest In Office Equipment That Supports You 

First thing’s first, you need to be able to work and complete deadlines comfortably. For that, you need an office that supports you. 

A Great Desk 

When you spend long hours at a desk, you need to be able to shift positions for the sake of your comfort and health. A desk that can convert from sitting to standing is one such option, but don’t be afraid to simply install more furniture in your office. If you work from home, a couch can be a great place to lay back for a few hours as well. 

Mechanical Keyboard 

You deserve a keyboard that is easy and smooth to use, so invest in a high-quality mechanical keyboard for your desk. 

Tools To Reduce Eye Strain 

When it comes to working long hours while staring at a screen, your eyes are going to bear the brunt of the effort. Eye strain is a very common problem for those working with software development, and thankfully there are a few ways that you can counteract its effects. Start by using the settings on your laptop. There is often a night mode or dark mode that will tint your screen so that your eyes can catch a break when working long hours.

If you still experience eye strain, then consider investing in computer glasses that are specifically designed to reduce glare. 

Finally, you can invest in therapy lighting. These lights will change as the day does to ensure color correctness and, in turn, help to reduce eye strain and fatigue. 

Know Who To Go To For Quality Assurance 

When you stare at the same content for hours on end, your mind is going to gloss over errors. It is natural and human, and it doesn’t matter if it is written in the language you have been speaking since you could first talk or a string of code. That is why you need to either outsource for quality assurance or invest in automated software that can test your software for you. XBOSoft Software Testing at XBOSoft Software Quality Improvement offers both, so you can choose which option is best for each project. 

Follow These Marketing Tips To Secure More Clients 

Having a great product or service is critical to actually seeing repeat business and growing your client list, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the need for marketing. Just a few tips to help you get started include: 

  • Maintain a Professional Website 
  • Keep a Healthy Social Media Presence 
  • Use Trust Signals 
  • Become Published on Sites in Your Industry 

Try to get your name out there as a professional that any company would be lucky to work with. This means getting your name out there on social media, through Google searches, and of course, in the most prominent industry magazines and news sites.  

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