Regardless of what you do online, you should always aim to take steps that ensure your safety. When gambling this is certainly something you should think about, and there are a couple of things you can do to help yourself and limit the risks.

Unfortunately, despite work by both users and businesses, data breaches do happen, and sometimes no matter what you do, it will not be enough. However, there are a couple of things to think about that are specifically related to gambling online, which can help you steer clear of problems.

How to Stay Safe When Gambling Online – Licensed Bookmakers

You can limit the risk of betting online considerably by choosing the right bookmaker to bet with. If you are in the UK then the first thing to look out for is a bookmaker that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This means they will have passed a number of tests, and some of those are based around security, player information and data protection.

The bookmakers listed on are all licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and provide a safe haven for players to play. By choosing these over unregulated bookmakers you can feel safe and confident that they have all the correct procedures in place to prevent any security issues both on their site and with your data.

Knowing how the UK Gambling Commission works and what they test should put your mind at ease too. When you are logging onto your bookmaker’s website, you want to be enjoying yourself and placing bets, not worrying about your information. They have a history of cracking down on bookmakers who do not follow the rules, so if someone is regulated by them, it is fair to say they are following the rules and doing all they can to be a safe place to play.

Staying Safe When Gambling Online – Payment Methods

Something else to think about when you are betting online is the payment method you use. This is obviously the most important part of your information if you use a debit or credit card when depositing money, and the one thing you do not want stealing.

One thing you can do when betting online to protect yourself a little more is to use a different payment method that protects your card details. If you sign up with an e-wallet payment method and deposit money through that, the bookmaker will never have your card details, so obviously they are not in any danger of being stolen.

It is also important to keep a minimum amount of information with your website. They will of course need your name and address as well as a couple of other things, but other than that there is no need to reveal anything else on top of that. This includes multiple payment methods, there is no reason to keep them listed on your account, and if you decide to change the way you deposit, be sure to delete the old information.

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