Bonding activities that might normally be easy for local friends, like grabbing coffee or taking a workout class together, can be a bit complicated for distance companions. Whether you’ve been long-distance besties for years, or one of you recently moved away, it often takes a little extra creativity and effort to keep in touch when your friends aren’t right around the corner. 

    From gifting thoughtful home accessories to gaining a virtual workout buddy, here are some tips on staying close to friends who live far away.

    Start A Regular Video Chat/Phone Call Date And Stick To It.

    Just as you might have a standing coffee date with your friend who lives down the block, you can set a time to regularly connect with your faraway friend through a phone call or video chat. If you have a special time slot set aside for your bestie, you’ll always know what’s going on in their world, and neither of you will ever have to wonder when you’ll talk next.

    Watch Your Favorite Shows Together In Real-Time.

    If you’ve ever watched an entire television show while on the phone with your bestie, you’re not at all alone! There’s something so special about sharing an experience with someone you care about. While a phone call is a great option for watching live shows together, you can also use an app like Netflix Party to stream in sync.

    Bring Your Friend Along While You Get Some Fresh Air And Exercise.

    A great way to keep in touch with your friends, while staying healthy and active, is to make time to give them a call whenever you’re out for a walk. You’ll enjoy the sunshine and a chance for some fresh air and activity, and they’ll surely be happy to have the chance to hear your voice. Bonus points if they also use the time for a little light activity, too! 

    Send A Thoughtful Gift For A Special Occasion Or A Secret Surprise.

    If you’ll be missing your bestie on her birthday, why not send her flowers or her favorite type of candy? If you grew up spending summers together, a care package with a beach towel will remind them of sunshine and happy days. Any day can really be worthy of a special occasion surprise. What’s most important is that your friend knows you’re thinking of them.

      • Home accessories like candles and bath soak make thoughtful self-care essentials for any time of year.
      • A DIY movie night basket with popcorn and snacks.

    Create A Shared Playlist Together That You Can Listen To At Any Time.

    Many music streaming services allow for the option to add collaborators to your playlists. Why not get your friends together and create a shared playlist that speaks to you all as a group? You can add songs that mean something to you all collectively, like a pop song you used to sing along to in the car together. 

    Do A Remote Workout Together.

    You don’t need to go to the same gym, or even live in the same neighborhood, to be able to work out with your friends. Technology gives us the opportunity to Facetime, Zoom or Skype workouts together. Start your sessions at the same time and sweat it out together. Having a virtual workout partner can certainly keep you motivated to start or continue an exercise program while staying close to friends who live far away.

    Send Them Messages.

    Just because you’re not physically around each other all the time doesn’t mean you’re not often thinking about each other! Instead of waiting until “next time,” whenever you come across something that reminds you of your friend, let them know about it. Send that cute little doggie meme to your fur mom friend or the link to a movie review about a new film based on your bestie’s favorite book.

    Brighten Their Morning With A Cup Of Coffee Or Treat Them To Their Favorite Meal.

    Even if you’re not familiar with the restaurants and coffee shops near your friend, you can connect with others to learn about their favorite local spots. Ask their significant other or family members for some recommendations and send over a virtual gift card. If you still aren’t sure about your bestie’s favorite spots, you can simply gift the value of a cup of coffee right through a payment sharing app.

    Send A Sweet Card Or Write A Personal Letter.

    Digital cards and video chats are wonderful, but there’s something so thoughtful and personal about receiving a hand-written card or letter. Whether it’s a homemade birthday card or just a kind message to say hello, your friends will appreciate the effort you’ve taken to show them you care. You can even tuck in a picture or drawing for an extra touch of comfort they’ll cherish forever.

    Close At Heart

    It isn’t the easiest to stay close to friends who live far away, but long-distance relationships can be just as rewarding and wonderful as any other. All it takes is a bit of creative thinking to keep close and connected in your hearts, no matter how physically distant you may be from one another.

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