As the world fully digitalized the use of electronic gadgets become popular all over the world. These electronic gadgets like the mobile, digital camera and many others have the SD card or Memory card that can give additional storage to the device. If the electronic get damaged or attacked by viruses the files in the SD card may be lost. To avoid this kind of loss and to recover the data and files from the storage space much software like disk drill, recover its data recovery, piriform Recuva, etc. are used. Using this software one can easily recover the important and accidentally deleted files from pc.

Disk Drill software to recover data from SD card on MAC OS

The smart phones are vastly used among the people as it contains SD card to give additional storage. The Disk Drill software is the widely used application among the people to recover photos, songs, music, and other important files. If the user has deleted the files in the memory card or it fell down in water or some other issue they cannot able to back up the files.

This software supports both the Windows OS and Mac OS. There are different varieties of versions available on the website according to the OS. The free version of this software is used to recover only up to 500 MB of data whereas the pro version can recover as much data as you want. This pro version is a little bit costly that the user always downloads the free version. The software can recover files not only from SD card but also other external and internal storages.

Features of Disk Drill software

  • The Disk Drill software provides various scanning options like deep scan and quick scan to do sd card recovery on Mac. The quick scan option recovers the recently deleted files and documents in storage devices like SD card. The deep scan option provides bit by bit SD card data recovery. It recovers more than 300 different file types.
  • The Disk Drill software allows the user to manage it according to their needs. The UI interface that is designed in this software provides the user to control the scan option. If the user wants to scan the particular data types you can do it just set the option. The pause button is available in the interface that helps the user to interrupt the current scan and finish the work he wants and then continue later.
  • This software acts as a protection device for the deleted files like pictures, videos, etc. from the Mac. Once the software is installed it acts as data protection software that automatically keeps tracks of the deleted files. It is very helpful for the user to recover the data immediately in not time.

Steps to recover the memory card data on MAC OS

  • Open the official website.
  • Download the free version available in the windows.
  • Click the downloaded .exe file in the system
  • Once it is installed launch the software.
  • Connect the SD card via card reader or USB drive.
  • Click on the scan option by customizing the setting.

Thus the process of recovering the last photos, videos, music, and other files become easy using this software. It acts as the best free SD card recovery software. It also helps the people to recover the deleted photos on MAC without stress. The process of recovering data became very simple using this drill software.