GoPro has become one of the best choice for people to shoot videos in outdoor activities recent years. Like other kind of digital camera, the videos on GoPro will be stored on the SD card. Unfortunately, there are times when videos can be deleted or disappear for reasons. Unlike the hard drive on computer, there is no recycle bin for SD card. So if the videos are deleted from GoPro memory card, you have no chance to reverse the deletion. However, it doesn’t mean there is no chance to recover deleted videos from GoPro.

If you unfortunately deleted some important videos from GoPro camera, here are still some things you can try to help you recover the videos. The first thing you need to do is stop using the SD card. If there are new data added to the card after deleting videos, it will overwritten the deleted data and make the deleted videos recovery harder or impossible. Please take it out of your GoPro to avoid the further damage to the lost data.

Then you can try the following methods to salvage the deleted videos. The first one is using backup to restore the deleted files directly. The second method is to recover the deleted videos from GoPro with a data recovery software in case you don’t have backup.

Restore deleted files from cloud

If you are a GoPro user, you must know that they provide the cloud service GoPro Plus. With the online cloud service, you can easily update your videos or photos from the GoPro camera to the cloud.If you deleted some videos from your GoPro, then the service will give you a big help to restore the videos.

If you have successfully uploaded your videos to the cloud before you delete them, it will be very easy to get the videos again. You can just login the GoPro website or the app and download the videos from the cloud to your computer or the mobile phone.

However, there are some other cases that you don’t have subscribed the GoPro Plus service. Or the videos were deleted from the GoPro before they are uploaded to the cloud. In such cases, you cannot easily restore the videos from the backup. Don’t worry. We still have a chance to recover the deleted videos.You can read on to get it.

GoPro SD card video recovery software

Yes, the another way you can recover deleted GoPro videos is to use a reliable data recovery software – such as Do Your Data Recovery. If the deleted videos have not been overwritten or damaged, you can get them back without a problem. You only need to have an effective video recovery software. Do Your Data Recovery, is a comprehensive data recovery software that can recover lost data effectively from SD card, including GoPro memory card, it also can help you recover lost data after you reset a GoPro to factory settings.

The software has very good performance on GoPro video recovery. Especially, it’s can recover deleted videos from GoPro very fast and easily. You can follow the steps to retrieve the videos.

Step 1. Download and install the software on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your GoPro SD card to the computer via a card reader.

Step 3. Run the software and choose the GoPro SD card to scan.

Step 4. While it’s scanning, please wait patiently and don’t remove the card.

Step 5. Preview and recover the videos after the scan is finished.

Note: Please ensure to save the recovered videos to another drive. Don’t save the videos back to the same card. Otherwise, it will damage the data during the process and make the data lost permanently.

I would like to note you that the software can also recover photos/videos from the GoPro in other cases. For example, formatting the card, card become inaccessible, etc.

Tips for keeping your data safe on SD Card

To keep your photos/videos safe on GoPro, you have to do something. Here I will show you some tips and keep your data safe on GoPro SD card. They can save your life in most cases.

  1. Back up your photos/videos. You can either upload your data to cloud or move to computer.
  2. Don’t remove memory card while transferring data or in use.
  3. Ensure to turn off the GoPro before you remove the SD card.
  4. Don’t format the SD card in other device.

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