Do you love a good cup of espresso but find that your homemade version just doesn’t hit the spot? Don’t worry! I have been making my own espresso at home for years and here are some easy and fun tips to help you make the perfect espresso right in your own kitchen.

Use Fresh Beans

Fresh beans make all the difference. Make sure to always use fresh and good quality beans. Buy recently roasted coffee and use it within a month. Store your beans in an airtight container to keep them fresh.

Preheat Your Equipment

Preheat your espresso machine, portafilter, and cup. A cold machine or cup can cool down the espresso, making it less tasty. Run hot water through the machine and the portafilter before brewing, and heat your cup with hot water too.

You can opt to buy an espresso machine that has excellent temperature stability like the Rocket Appartamento which has an advanced heat exchange system and PID controllers to produce consistent water temperature. 

Perfect Your Tamp

Tamping is pressing the coffee grounds evenly into the portafilter. A good tamp makes sure the water flows through the coffee evenly. If the coffee isn’t tamped evenly, the water won’t flow through it properly. This is why I personally use PUQpress automatic tamper to make sure that I tamp my coffee grounds without fail resulting in awesome-tasting espresso.

Grind Just Before Brewing

Grinding your coffee right before you make your espresso keeps the flavors strong. If you can, get a burr grinder. Burr grinders make a more even grind, which helps your espresso taste better. The grind size for espresso should be fine, like table salt.

If your coffee is too coarse, the water will flow through too quickly and your espresso will be weak. If it’s too fine, the water will struggle to get through, making your espresso bitter.

Use the Right Amount

A standard single shot of espresso uses about 7-9 grams of coffee, and a double shot uses 14-18 grams. Use a digital scale to measure the coffee for consistency. Too much or too little coffee can mess up the flavor of your espresso. 

Adjust the Timing

A good shot of espresso should take about 25-30 seconds to brew. If it takes too long, the coffee might be ground too fine or tamped too hard. If it’s too quick, the grind might be too coarse or tamped too lightly. Adjust until you get the right timing.

Use Filtered Water

Water makes up a huge part of your espresso, so it needs to be good quality. It can make or break the espresso that you are preparing. Use filtered water to avoid any unwanted flavors from tap water. The ideal water temperature is around 195-205°F.

Keep Your Machine Clean

A clean machine makes better coffee. Old coffee oils and grounds can build up and affect the taste. Regularly clean your espresso machine, following the manufacturer’s instructions. After each use, wipe down the portafilter and group head (where the water comes out). Do a deep clean once a week by running a cleaning solution through the machine.

Experiment and Have Fun

Making great espresso is a skill that takes time to develop. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different beans, grind sizes, and brewing times. Keep notes on what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Here are some fun recipe ideas:

Mocha: Add a bit of chocolate syrup to your espresso for a sweet treat.

Latte: Mix your espresso with steamed milk for a creamy delight.

Affogato: Pour a shot of espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert.

Unique Tips and Tricks

Try Single-Origin Beans

Single-origin beans (from one location) can have unique flavors. Experiment with different origins to find your favorite.

Use a Timer

Timing your shots with a timer can help you get the perfect brew time every time.

Froth Milk Like a Pro

If you like milk-based espresso drinks, practice frothing milk. Use a thermometer to heat the milk to around 150°F for the best texture.

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