Wi-Fi marketing is all about retailers providing their clients with wireless Internet connectivity, The perk is to use this as a channel for communication of messages and promotions. This type of marketing is one of the many strategies physical businesses are using to create a multichannel experience for shoppers. Briefly, anyone with a Wi-Fi-enabled device can see and connect to your business’ Wi-Fi network.

Some retailers offer full Internet access where shoppers can browse the web on their devices as they would normally. Other retailers prefer granting shoppers access to specific apps or sites like their own mobile app or online store. While the latter is limiting for browsers, it does offer you more control over your environment while driving users to your promotions.

Through Wi-Fi marketing, you can sway your guests towards engaging, viewing, or even sharing your content before they can access your network. This includes a splash page talking about your next event or a form that requires users to enter their email addresses. What’s more, Wi-Fi marketing allows you to use your connection to send periodic messages or require further action from a customer who would like to renew their session.

The benefits of implementing Wi-Fi marketing in your business include convenience and an improved shopping experience for your customers. For your business, this model translates to increased sales, better understanding of customers, building an audience, and the promotion of products or campaigns. However, how do you implement Wi-Fi marketing in your store?

Get Wi-Fi Up and Running

One option is setting up a guest network and providing customers with a password – but this is not exactly Wi-Fi marketing. This setup requires sharing the password with customers, they surf the web, and they leave. This form of marketing also allows you to collect certain data and even get consent from your users.

Hence, Wi-Fi marketing requires using a few tools or collaborating with Wi-Fi-specific service providers, according to your current requirements and needs. Examples of places you can look for Wi-Fi marketing services include GoZone WiFi, PopNet Wifi-Marketing, Turnstyle, and many more.

Make sure your network is working with tools like a WiFi monitor and other various plugins and integrations that offer you more functionality. For instance, there are tools that can capture the data provided by the customer and convert it to marketing lists. Others can also track the physical movement of a customer so you have an idea of what they may be interested in the most.

Getting Users on Your Wi-Fi Network

You’ll want to ensure that your customers are aware of the network’s availability. Get this information out to your walk-in customers using in-store signage as well as the universal Wi-Fi network icon in creative ways.

Also, consider implementing an incentive for using the network. Something like a discount or gift for trying your new Wi-Fi network would suffice. You may take things up a notch by creating an event around your service and throw a launch party! These ideas not only help create the buzz you need, but will also increase foot traffic. They prove to your customers that you are a forward- thinking and innovative business.


With Wi-Fi marketing in your business, customers walk in and join your Wi-Fi network. On joining, the customers are presented with a splash page where they see important information from your store, including info about the network and terms of use. Once they agree to your terms, and possibly provide an email address or Facebook profile, they gain network access, and you reap the benefits of providing free Wi-Fi.

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