We live in a modern world, the world of IT. Nowadays, this sphere is widespread and continues to develop every day. There are many various electronic devices, which make our life better and easier. People all over the world start learning various computer languages, programs, apps, and tools. However, to find a really good specialist in this sphere is not an easy thing. So, that is why in this article, we are going to look how to hire the junior ruby on rails developer.

#1: Visit special job search websites

Nowadays, there are many various job search online websites such as LinkedIn, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, etc. This is the best place to find a good specialist in any sphere. People make their CVs (where they point their work experiences, education, personal qualities, abilities, desired salary, contact info, etc.) and upload them to these websites. However, employers usually put their job propositions on these websites as well. They usually determine the specificity of their companies, work requirements, tasks, salary, and contact info.

#2: Search on Social Networks

Actually, almost all people throughout the world use social networks. Some people even cannot imagine their life without the Internet. Speaking about junior ruby on rails developer, all of them have their pages on such social networks as Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, etc. Employers can upload the posts with their job propositions on such networks. In such a way, they can attract job seekers. You can also read some advices on https://railsware.com/blog/2017/10/30/how-to-hire-good-ruby-on-rails-developer/.

#3: Join Special Communities and Forums

Basically, the next point is about special communities and forums. There are various communities on every social network. So, people usually join these communities due to their interests. It can be the place where employers can post some job propositions to attract good specialists. Also, there are various forums, which have the same principle.

#4: Visit Special Occasions

In general, people used to share their experience with others. Nowadays, there are many various programs where the groups of people share their thoughts and experience with each other. Actually, it can be a competition, seminar, webinar, courses, etc. This is one of the best ways to find a good specialist because job seekers can demonstrate their abilities, while employers can evaluate the level of potential candidates.

#5: Propose a good salary

One of the main points while hiring some people is that you should propose a good salary. Nowadays, there are many different companies in this sphere. So, very often some of them are opponents. That is why to attract and hire a really good specialist you need to propose a good salary, which should be higher than in other companies.

#6: Check the candidate’s abilities

In fact, there are many various methods to check the professional level of the candidates. The most popular are tests, giving examples of their projects, creating new projects, etc. Actually, you can prepare a special task to check the technical skills of the candidate.

So, now you know at least six main tips how to hire the junior ruby on rails developer. Just follow them and you will find a good specialist. In any way, you should pay attention while checking the technical skills of all the candidates.

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