Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms, with almost two billion daily active users. Therefore, it is a fantastic advertising platform featuring all target audiences. 

So, regardless of your business type, product, or service, you will find your target audience on Facebook. If this is not enough, the platform allows you to set a target for your ad depending on location, age, gender, manners, and interests. 

Getting started with Facebook ads

Now that you know how beneficial Facebook ads are, you may benefit from learning how you can start enjoying the advantages. You can use the Facebook ad template to get started. However, here are a few guidelines you should look at first:

Understand the types of Facebook ads

Before anything else, you must understand that many types of Facebook ad options exist. The various types are split into two categories. Here are the categories and the types in each:

  1. Facebook ads types based on content

These types differ based on the content you can include in them. Here are the types of Facebook ads in this category:

  • Video ads- Allow you to market your products, services, or company video content
  • Image ads- Allow you to use high-quality images and visuals with attractive captions to capture audiences
  • Collection ads- Allow you to show off several products from your catalog, driving them to take a closer look 
  • Carousel ads- Allow you to show off up to ten videos or images in one ad, and you can include a separate link for each
  1. Facebook ad types based on the purpose

These types are based on the purpose of the ad. They include:

  • Instant experience ads- Offer a mobile-optimized full-screen experience for viewers
  • Lead generation ads- Allow you to gather information from people that are interested in your company so you can tweak your target audience and keep marketing to those interested
  • Boost awareness- They create awareness of a product, event, or company
  • Post engagement- They help increase likes, shares, comments, and views on content
  • Page visits and likes- They increase visitors to your page
  • Event response- They specifically promote events 

Understand how it works

Unlike other social media advertising approaches, Facebook does not have a predetermined cost for running an ad. Instead, it applies an auction system where you will bid against other business owners to win the right to run your ad. So, you must choose a daily budget that Facebook will use as your bidding price. 

Know how to create a Facebook ad

Something you must know is how to create an ad on Facebook. The following steps should help:

  • Step 1: Set up your account for advertising through the Facebook Business Manager tool
  • Step 2: Determine the right target audience for your ad
  • Step 3: Determine your objective so you can choose the right type of Facebook ad
  • Step 4: set a daily budget and fill in the target audience specifics like size, ages, languages, and connections
  • Step 5: Choose your ad placements (manual/automatic)
  • Step 6: Schedule the ad
  • Step 7: Optimize the ad (design it and its content, including CTA, images, caption, etc.)
  • Step 8: Run the ad and analyze its effectiveness


Advertising on social media is always a bet because you do not know who will see your ad and how they will respond. However, compared to all social media platforms, advertising on Facebook is the safest bet because of its vast number of users, content consumption, and diverse audience.  

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