Looking for a detailed guide on how to free Sellen in Elden Ring? We’ve got you covered. Navigating the intricate world of Elden Ring can be daunting, particularly for those new to the gaming scene.

But worry not, as we’ve gathered all the necessary information you need to free Sellen and proceed further into the game successfully. Let’s dive right into it.

Sellen Elden Ring

Who is Sellen?

Sellen is a sorceress in Elden Ring who can give you powerful spells. However, she is found in chains and needs to be freed to unlock her full potential.

It’s important to note that there are multiple iterations of Sellen, each in a different location.

Locations of Sellen

The sorceress Sellen is found in multiple locations in Elden Ring. One version is at the Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula near the Isolated Merchants Shack, while another one is near the starting area in a cave.

Sellen Elden Ring locations

How to Find Sellen

To find Sellen, you need to navigate through the vast landscapes of Elden Ring.

Once you reach the Weeping Peninsula, look for the Witchbane Ruins and the Isolated Merchants Shack. You’ll find one version of Sellen here.

Weeping Peninsula Elden Ring

How to Free Sellen in Elden Ring

Freeing Sellen is a slightly complex task, but with this guide, you’ll be able to do it with ease. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Locate Sellen at the Witchbane Ruins

Go to the Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula. Here, you’ll find Sellen in chains.

Witchbane Ruins Elden Ring

Step 2: Defeat the Boss Guarding Sellen

To free Sellen, you’ll need to defeat the boss guarding her. This boss is none other than Radahn.

Prepare for a tough battle, but don’t worry, with the right strategy, you can emerge victorious.

Radahn boss fight Elden Ring

Step 3: Request Absolution at the Church of Vows

If you happened to aggro Sellen during your attempt to free her, don’t panic. You can reset her neutral state by requesting absolution at the Church of Vows. Church of Vows Elden RingThis will also cause her other self to respawn.

Step 4: Free Sellen

Now that you’ve defeated Radahn and requested absolution, you can finally free Sellen from her chains. She is needed for a quest later on, so it’s highly recommended to free her.

Free Sellen Elden Ring

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to start Sellen’s quest in Elden Ring?

To start Sellen’s quest in Elden Ring, you’ll first need to find her. Sellen is located at the Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula.

Once you find her, you’ll need to free her by defeating the boss guarding her, Radahn. After freeing Sellen, her quest line will automatically start.


What is the significance of freeing Sellen in Elden Ring?

Freeing Sellen is essential as she is needed for a quest later on in the game. She can provide you with powerful spells once freed. Thus, freeing Sellen is not just a side quest but contributes significantly to your overall game progress.

Significance of Sellen Elden Ring

What to do if you accidentally killed Sellen while trying to free her?

If you accidentally killed Sellen while trying to free her, you can still remedy the situation. Head to the Church of Vows and resurrect NPCs. This will also deaggro them. After doing this, you can then proceed to free Sellen.

Resurrect NPCs Church of Vows Elden Ring

How to choose between Sellen and Jerren in Elden Ring?

The choice between Sellen and Jerren in Elden Ring depends on your gameplay style and preferences. Both characters offer different advantages, so it’s crucial to understand their abilities and the benefits they bring before making your decision.

Choose Sellen or Jerren Elden Ring

Where to find Master Lusat in Elden Ring?

Master Lusat is another important character in Elden Ring, found in Sellia Hideaway. To find him, you will need to navigate through the landscapes of Elden Ring and reach Sellia Hideaway.

Master Lusat location Elden Ring


Freeing Sellen in Elden Ring can seem like a daunting task, but with this guide, we hope you’ve gained a better understanding of how to accomplish it. Remember, gaming is all about strategy, perseverance, and, most importantly, fun. So, take your time, enjoy the journey, and happy gaming!

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