Your work area is a reflection of who you are…and a gauge of how your co-workers see you. 57% of Americans judge their co-workers through their desks. A messy desk sends the message that you’re lazy and disorganized (definitely not a good impression!) while a clean desk tells everyone you’re on the top of your game.

What is more, being disorganized can cost you precious time. A study by the National Association of Professional Organizations shows that the average office worker wastes 4.3 hours a week locating misplaced information. That’s more than 4 hours less for creative thinking and productive work for you.

A clean desk allows you to be on top of where everything is. Besides, isn’t it nice to work somewhere tidy?

Here are 6 ways to brighten up your work desk

1) Surround Yourself With Art

Displaying artwork in the workplace has more than just aesthetic benefits. Art helps stimulate creative thinking and promote feelings of calm. It also serves as a great talking point for clients who visit your office.

Statistics show that 83% of employees consider art vital to the work environment and another 73% say art influences their perceptions on their workplace.

2) Let The Light In

Good lighting and proper ventilation can boost employee productivity by 16%, increase job satisfaction by 24%, and curb absenteeism. In addition, a well-lit office can reduce depression, improve mood, and increase alertness.

Improve your work environment by opening the shutters and letting the natural light in. No windows? This office space for rent provides topnotch ambience for anyone looking for some productive space.

3) Go Green

Decorate your workspace with a slice of nature. Plants have been proven to improve mood and increase creativity by 15%.

Worried your indoor gardening may take a lot of work? Succulents only need 6 hours of sunlight and a little water every week to get by.

4) Go Cray With A Tray

If you’re the type of person who constantly misplaces stuff, a tray is perfect for you. Put all your loose belongings–spare change, keys, wallets, etc.–in a tray so you’ll know where to find them.

5) Don’t Shy Away From The Spotlight

Not only do lamps let you alter the lighting at your workplace, they can also serve as an interesting accent piece. Give your desk a lamp worth talking about, preferably one that says something about your personality.

6) Paint The Town Red (Or Whatever Color You Want)

Colors do a lot to affect state of mind. World-renowned color psychologist Angela Wright outlines colors that are perfect for each type of work. Her recommendations are as follows: red for physical tasks, blue for cerebral work, yellow for creative thinking, and green for a more balanced mood.

If you can’t paint your office walls a certain way, add color-coordinated pieces for a well-thought out look. Or better yet, get some work done in a virtual office with an ambience that sets the tone for creative and productive work.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.