The reputation of the CEO has the ability to transmit and project the positioning and values ​​of any organization. This aspect is determinant when it seeks to facilitate the impact of the company in environments where only the senior executive can access.

    Personal positioning is also an important factor, useful to clarify where the business projects are heading, or to become the trusted backup source in the company in times of crisis with key stakeholders such as investors or large clients.

    The Importance Of The CEO In The Company

    The visibility and image of a CEO are now key to a company’s reputation. The high demand for content combined with the proliferation of digital platforms in which executives can express themselves and interact with stakeholders explains this new situation.

    A few years ago, CEOs and their staff confused visibility with notoriety. Today, it is no longer about making a leader a star, but about developing his or her credibility through multiple channels, which is added value for the company, both internally and externally.
    Nowadays, being visible to a leader means establishing one’s presence with a broader purpose and in more than one way. That is, the CEO’s image has a moderate to a very strong influence on the company’s reputation. This is especially important when dealing with the media. Investing in media training coaching can create a tremendous ROI in the long run.

    This trend will be reinforced overtime, as the image of the CEO be increasingly important to the company’s reputation in the coming years.

    Leaders In Business Relationships

    The reputation of a leader affects the professional decisions of the executives and employees of an organization, since most of them are encouraged to continue their work while remaining in the company, or make the decision to leave.

    It is also important that a CEO be publicly visible for a company to have a good reputation. This means that the image of a CEO can affect the reputation of the company, in either a positive or negative way.

    The way in which the public interacts with companies, brands and products continues to evolve. In this new digital, a president and CEO that is capable of embodying and giving life to the history of his or her organization will actively participate in building the image of the company.

    Interaction Of The CEO With Audiences

    It cannot be ignored that there is an obligation for CEOs to interact with their different audiences. The link between reputation and external communication is very tenuous.

    The most popular leaders are four times more likely to be perceived as gifted to interact with their audiences than leaders who are not. A CEO should feel comfortable using different media.

    What platforms should be a priority for CEO’s? First, with limited time and risk aversion, speaking in public. But there are other opportunities for visibility, and they are equally strategic for telling their own stories, and their vision, such as digital media on the internet.

    However, leaders must be careful because having a dialogue with their different audiences can cause certain risks. Therefore, these initiatives must be planned and developed strategically to obtain all the benefits.

    As the image of a CEO can affect the reputation of the company both positively and negatively, it is necessary to manage that image so that the impact is beneficial and not vice versa.

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