What’s a business to do when the local market they’ve established themselves in is drying up? What happens when there are too few clients and opportunities for the increasing number of competitors vying to make a transaction? Some may attempt to rebrand, or develop new services that give them a unique edge, but why change the product or service if it’s the target market that is the problem? What these businesses need is to find customers elsewhere, and that likely requires them to look internationally. Unfortunately, it’ll be easier for some than for others.

Not every shipment is treated with the same caution or leniency, not even among goods within the same category such as dual-use or controlled-use. Technologies for example are first shipped to high-security data centres for clearance before they’re awarded entry and given permission to continue towards their destination (which may or may not be nearby the data centre at all). Furthermore, a number of documents must accompany these shipments and must be filled out carefully; these include a commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill among other permits, licenses and certifications. One small mistake can cause costly delays, putting enterprises that resell technologies at risk of losing their clients.

Technology resellers understand the risks of staying in oversaturated local markets, however are rightfully hesitant to look globally because of the additional challenges shipping equipment internationally creates. Without the logistical expertise of a non resident importer they cannot guarantee they will be able to achieve clearance on their own. Fortunately, there are entities they can partner with to clear their expensive assets quickly and compliantly.

TecEx is an importer of record with points of presence in over 120 countries around the globe; they have the power to take responsibility for a reseller’s goods once they enter the receiving country and can help the clearance process along as well. They do this by preparing all important paperwork on the reseller’s behalf and can ensure its accuracy thanks to their vast experience in imports and knowledge of each country’s specific rules and regulations — just visit their site or even better check out their blog for tips on importing IT equipment from an industry leader that knows how to help IT resellers.

What’s more is they save their clients money by only charging them the landed-cost despite any changes the receiving country makes to their legislature once the process begins; another way they help resellers save is by recovering import taxes back from 40 of the countries they regularly work with. This tax is returned to the reseller within six months, and as for clearance, the company promises full clearance within just ten days of approving a reseller’s quote, offering some of the best lead times available.

No business should be forced to stay in a market that no longer brings in the revenue, and why make changes to a service or brand unnecessarily? Resellers need to start working internationally as there are clients awaiting partnerships they can rely on. By working with an importer of record, they can give these clients the consistency needed to form lasting working relationships, and help themselves grow their enterprises as well.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.