Technological advancements are affecting business. Whether businesses are ready for it or not, the constantly updating technology brings with it a tsunami of change and progress. Companies need to keep their eyes open for change as new technology brings market disruptions and changes in consumer behavior. It is an era of transformation where businesses can either ride the current or be left behind.While new business doctrines are not necessary, companies need to figure out a way to adopt the changes into their existing structural models for the sake of growth. The lists of technological transformations are long, but here are a few to start.

New developments on the market

Technological advancements bring with them new products that did not yet exist on the market. For instance, the arrival of computerized fabric could transform any articles of clothing into fitness trackers. Even wearable fitness technology is something new that wasn’t always on the market. However, its arrival has changed the health and wellness market.All in all, technology is becoming smarter by the day.


Cryptocurrency has been added to the market with the potential to either disrupt the economy or at the very least offers more currency options. Should businesses one day decide to take up cryptocurrency for day-to-day interactions, the entire global economy could shift. In the meantime, there are various reviews and arguments to be made on the coinbase vs gemini cryptocurrency options.

Social Media

Social media has changed the way consumers react to companies and their brands. Consumers interact with brands on a daily basis when scrolling through their various social media platforms. Marketing teams can directly advertise to audiences with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others platforms. Social media has increased the level of communication between people and a brand.

Mobile Devices

Everyone has a phone. More than that, most people have their phone glued to them to the point it has become a part of their being. Being connected to a device at all times, their usage has evolved past calling and texting friends late on a school night. Phones are being used for everything from browsing the web, shopping, selling items, monitoring social media, scheduling meetings via emails and more. The phone ensures the business is always within reach, regardless of a person being in the office.


Robots in the workforce are no longer a far-fetched idea that usually happens in movies. Advancements in robotics will change the business landscape in a variety of ways.The problem is that there is a dichotomy between people who see this advancement as a good thing versus a bad thing.The HR department will have to understand what robots in the workforce mean to ensure certain jobs will not become obsolete.

What is the end result of the technological change? Regardless of a business’ wants, there is a need to become tech-savvy to keep up with innovation.People have to look at technology strategically and incorporate it into their existing business model. No one can know for sure how technology will shape business in years to come, but one thing is for sure – there is a requirement for companies to stay alert and up to date with the latest tech trends.

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