Mobile game technology has transformed how people perceive casual gaming. Most people who play a game on a smartphone probably don’t consider themselves gamers. However, they are now driving a multi-billion-dollar market. One industry that is being profoundly impacted by mobile gaming is the online casino realm. 

Specifically, a new form of casino game is being embraced by mobile users, the social casino game. It is possible to view the impact of this new game style as problematic on the surface, but it is actually helpful to the growing popularity of online casinos. 

Social games allow people to play their favorite online casino games for fun. You exchange no money to play the game and receive no money if you win. Casual gamers enjoy playing casino games and by allowing them to play against other people with no risk, they are embracing these games. 

It may seem that social casinos are a direct competitor to traditional online casinos. That is not the case, and social casinos could already drive more people to play online casino games at traditional online casino venues. People who play social casino games often find they want to eventually play for real money at an online casino. 

Mobile has already helped to increase the popularity of online casinos by making them more accessible through smartphone apps. Social casinos are expanding this reach. 

These games are perfect for casual gamers who may be beginners in casino games and want to gain experience. It is also worth noting that online casinos allow users to play games for free, but social casinos offer a more relaxed atmosphere. The stakes are not for money but center on beating other people in online gameplay. 

Many people still don’t know what a social casino is and how it differs from an online casino. In terms of looks and rules, there is no difference between a social casino and an online casino. Whether it’s a classic table game like poker or an online slot, the games look and feel the same. The core gaming experience is the same, and mechanics are also equal. 

Because no real money changes hands, some gamblers see them as ideal places to practice. This is a controversial opinion because others argue social casinos don’t have stakes, so people don’t play the casino games in the same way. Either way, it is worth remembering the social casino is all about having fun and enjoying the games. 

In recent years, the popularity of online casinos has skyrocketed, and they are now one of the leading forms of recreation. Social casino games do not seem to harm the growth of online casinos and could even be helping. Casual gamers who like social casino games often move to online casinos to search for more serious games and to play for real money. 

Social casino games are another example of how mobile is transforming casino games and making them more mainstream. As they currently thrive alongside online casinos, it will be interesting to see how the two areas of the same industry continue to coexist in the coming years. 


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