Over the last decade, technology has changed the face of the real estate industry. While many real estate professionals appreciate how tech has made their jobs faster and more convenient, others fear what future advancement will mean for their careers.

With online mortgage lenders cropping up left and right, they can even take it a step further, getting pre-qualified for a loan long before they’ve honed in on that dream home. But though tech has allowed homebuyers to do all this legwork themselves, in most cases, they’re still forced to go through agents to finalize the transaction. And the agent still gets the same 3% commission they did decades ago—for seemingly doing a fraction of the work.

But are agents actually doing less work with all this tech? Do they still offer value in exchange for that hefty commission? That depends on the agent, as well as the tech they’re taking advantage of. The best way to stay on top of technology and social media is to make it your business to do so. 

In a crowded home-selling market, making your home stand out from the competition is key. Many homes For sale in Vancouver are using video tours and focusing on the technology and interconnectivity of your home before it sells can also make your property more appealing. The more smart home features you have, the more power you have.

Showing Suite. An all-in-one app that combines user experiences for both buyer’s agents and listing agents and their clients. Whether you’re a listing agent, home seller, buyer’s agent, or home buyer, there’s no need to juggle multiple apps — you’ll only need this one.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools make it easier to track and organize leads and existing clients so you can optimize every email and follow-up call. Select a CRM that creates effective engagement with clients, helps you visualize their journey through the sales process, and notifies you to consistently follow-up on each step of the way.

KeyMe elegantly solves one of the more frustrating logistical hurdles for listing agents and rental agents—getting copies of house keys. Instead of borrowing a homeowner’s keys while you rush off to Home Depot, KeyMe lets you snap a picture of the key and head to your local KeyMe kiosk to make a copy. The best part is that if you happen to lose a key, all you need to make a new copy is the photo you have saved in the app. No more lockouts. Ever.

VRX Staging is virtual staging software that offers a comprehensive suite of services at an affordable price. Staging highlights include adding virtual twilight, blue sky, and green grass or removing furniture. VRX Staging charges a flat fee of $35 per image for many of their services, regardless of the extent of edits. The platform also offers a free consultation ahead of the staging to make sure that their services meet your exact specifications and listing needs.

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