The surge in group call usage was obvious last year. Companies like Facebook and Slack have added video calling for groups onto their services. The trend indicates another move away from traditional communication styles. In the past, you had to know someone’s number before you could send a text or make a call. These days, you can do so much more than send an SMS message. You can send images and files, videos and stickers and with third party apps, even send money. Your SMS-sending phone has turned into a mini-computer in your pocket. And with the addition of another feature—video calls for groups—your smartphone is set to provide you with even more services.

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The Rise of Video

Aside from Facebook and Slack, Twitter also merged Periscope so it’s much easier to manage and deliver life webcasts Life On Air—maker of Meerkat—has launched the chat service, House party, in a move to get back the market it lost after interest in Meerkat died out. Google, on the other hand, launched a one on one app, the Duo and there are plans in place to pair this up with a YouTube Connect app to make live streaming easier, says Venture Beat. Given the rise of video apps and services, video calls for groups fits in well with the trend. But while it makes sense to video call a person or two, is there a need for more video calling apps designed to connect you to a hundred people in one go?

Life on-the-go

Let’s start small. Groups have already seen the advantage of video conferencing tools. As more and more employees demand greater flexibility and freedom at their jobs, video technology has made life simpler. Keeping in touch with your team is easy. All it takes is a few clicks on your mobile phone and you’re all set for that meeting. If you’re stuck in traffic or at home with a blizzard, but have steady Wifi connection, then you can still report to work or catch up on the project with everyone else with your video calling software. You won’t miss any of the action because you’re logged in and connected.

More Time for Families

Even if you work from home or from the corner café, or from your car while you’re waiting to pick up your kids from dance class, you and the rest of your team could communicate without a hitch with these apps. Since many professionals have busy, demanding careers, these apps eliminate the need to travel for meetings, giving employees more time, says Small Business. Professionals who are also raising a family now have an hour or two or even longer to spend with their kids. That’s because they can skip the daily commutes that, for some, amount to about an hour or two or even more of their day.

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Group Calling Perks

The obvious advantages of video calling features for employees aside, though, video calls for large groups have also gained attention and interest. While you might not have enough on your team—if you’re less than 10, plenty of video conferencing tools out there can make for an ideal choice—for big group video calls, the feature is targeted at companies or individuals that need to reach out to big teams or a massive audience. For instance, if you want to meet up with your entire management team—some companies have more than 100 people to tap for this—then these video calling apps for groups make that easy. Want to conduct a meet and greet with your loyal customers? A video party might just be the perfect venue for that. In some cases, managers can train new hires all in one go instead of by tedious batches, by relying on these apps.

Choosing One

As corporations discover the many ways they could take advantage of these apps, finding the right software and system increases your chances of getting the results you want. For an example of a sound choice, BlueJeans offers group video call features ideal for companies. With a service provider that’s been in the industry for years, businesses won’t have to fear that they’re investing in substandard video technology, or spend a fortune on a video calling system, only to find out that the company has folded up, rendering future upgrades and maintenance useless. Be sure to review the features of the system or package you buy. Different teams have different needs. That’s why it’s crucial that you evaluate the pros and cons of getting a particular package over another.

If you’re still wondering why video group calls are now becoming a part of mainstream media platforms and efforts, then it’s time to step up your marketing game. Hire the services of a reliable service provider to help you build the kind of video communication infrastructure that can take your company to the next level.

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