Besides cyber threats, hackers, and spies that linger around the internet to steal your data, there are several other organizations and institutions that can invade your privacy. ISPs, government agencies, public search engines, social media platforms, and several other apps can get access to your private data.

However, you can add an extra layer of protection against these agencies using a VPN(Virtual Private Network). Let us discuss how these VPNs allow you to keep your data safe in detail.

How does VPN protect your data and privacy?

Hiding your location and identity

VPN is a private network in which all the data that leaves your device is encapsulated with headers and metadata that conceal the data inside the packet, thus saving your identity from everyone.

The encryption method is quite powerful, and hackers have to use tons of resources for a long period of time just to get the tip of the iceberg.

Moreover, the IP address is masked by the address of the VPN’s server, so your original identity is never revealed.

So, using VPN, you can protect your identity and location and even access the content that is restricted in your area due to government regulations.

Safe internet browsing with VPN

In today’s digital world, safe browsing is like a myth. There are several websites out there that are eavesdropping on your data and invading your privacy. You can not even use their services until you remove the ad-blocking software and accept their cookies.

There is an argument where they say that these things are for the user’s convenience, as they don’t have to fill in the same information again and again when they visit the website, but if you are not careful about deleting the cookies and re-enabling your ad-blocker software, you will leave yourself vulnerable to several threats online that can track your location, access your data and invade your privacy.

However, with a fantastic VPN, you enjoy safe browsing as your location will be hidden, and your data will be encrypted. Moreover, you will get details of all the 3rd-party sites that are gathering your information, so you can keep them at bay.

Protecting your data and privacy from the ISPs

By adding an extra layer of protection using a VPN, you can protect your data and internet activity from the ISP. Your ISP will only know about the requests that you send to your VPN service. All the other IPs will bounce from the VPN servers, and the data will be encrypted with powerful encryption. So, even if anyone tries to access your data, he/she will require a lot of time and effort with tons of resources.

No doubt, VPN allows you to mask your identity while you access the internet, but it is vital to choose the right VPN service. Here are some things that you need to deem while selecting the correct VPN for yourself.

Things to deem for selecting the current VPN

Number of servers and distribution

Having a large number of servers allows the VPN to conceal your identity better and makes it difficult for agencies and hackers to track your IP. In addition, when these servers are distributed in different locations, you get better protection, so while choosing the VPN service, you should definitely analyze this aspect of the options you are exploring.

Simultaneous connections

If you are using a VPN on your laptop, but do not have any protection on your mobile, then anyone can access your data and invade your privacy through your mobile.

The best way is to activate the VPN service on all your devices. You may think paying for so many devices will give a hard blow to your budget. But, don’t worry. Several VPN services provide multiple connections on different devices so that you can protect your data properly.

So, while choosing a VPN service for yourself, deem the multiple connections that you are getting in your package. Having protection for 4-5 devices will be a good deal.


Nobody wants any lag or delay when they want to access the internet to get the services. So, make sure that when you choose any VPN service, they provide high connection speed as sometimes, when there will be any lag in connection, you will be tempted to use the internet without using a VPN, thus exposing your data and identity to various threats of the online world. VPNs having fast speed allow you to browse the internet smoothly without any unnecessary hassle.

Dig through the history and policies

There have been several VPNs out there for a very long time. So, research their history and overall policies to know about them properly before you select any one of them for yourself.

Final Verdict

Using a VPN can help you conceal your identity and safeguard your data. However, it is essential to select the best VPN for yourself. If you are looking to get detailed information on different VPNs, you can go to PrivacySharks. You will get top listings of VPN with their pricing and other information without going through any unnecessary hassle.

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